Day 97

Today marks my final day at home, it has been a great few days and I am counting down the hours until my departure back to Pritikin for the final leg of my journey.

The day starts off in the gym with cardio on the treadmill, a brisk paced walk followed by interval running and ending with a gentle jog. The running is going well, it is becoming natural and I look forward to getting my first run on the beach completed when I return to Miami.

Breakfast downstairs in the cafeteria at the club, standard issue poached eggs with multi grain toast, no butter and large bowl of sliced fruits. This will be my last workout at the club until I return home in about three months and saying my good byes to the staff while letting them know that I will be back.

A quick stop in the physio department for some needling on my quads and lower back. The acupuncture feels great as my muscles twitch with the insertion of each needle, a total release or spasm, I am thinking this is a great thing of which I most definitely need to more of.

Headed home, the heater is on full blast which is very unlike Miami where I usually have the top down and the air conditioning blowing. It is amazing how it is so cold here and yet so warm in Florida, not sure why I live here and I keep asking myself that exact question.

Not much in the way to pack at home other than the activewear that I brought with me, the winter clothing can stay here or better yet be given away as when I return my size will be smaller.

The afternoon has slid past me way to fast and my nervousness is returning as I prepare last-minute tasks for my travel tomorrow morning. It is difficult to keep positive thoughts knowing that I will be leaving tomorrow, the day is starting to end and the sense of leaving is setting in rapidly.

Dinner this evening is light, no big plans and nothing more than a big bowl home-made salad. I have not weighed myself since leaving and don’t anticipate any change in my weight on my return which is good in a sense and not so good on the other hand as my journey of weight loss needs to continue regardless of being at home or at Pritikin.

With tomorrow being a long travel day and with a two-hour time change, I won’t be exercising and my food choices are going to be limited. I need to plan the day out with regard to food options in addition to taking fruit with me on the plane.

Good night sweet home, see you in a few months.