Day 95

Day two,  home sweet home and today is my son’s Birthday which is going to be epic.

I am feeling out-of-place this morning, it feels strange to be home, in a way I feel like a guest and that is perhaps because I know that I have to leave in just a couple more days for three more months.

Breakfast this morning,  home cooked poached eggs and real multi grain toast of which I have not had for some time. One thing for sure is the fruit is nowhere near as fresh as it is in Miami and my pallet has certainly changed over the past few months.

Morning exercise is a must, if I don’t exercise to get my day started I just don’t feel right. Starting off with weight lifting in my home gym, it is a great starting point but it just does not get my rhythm into full motion as I do with my trainer who offsets with me on each set.

Cardio on the recumbent bike, it is nowhere near the workout the ARC Trainer gives me but it does however get my heart rate up which brings out the sweat and provides a decent workout for a home gym environment. I have concluded that working out at home is a nice touch but I much prefer the gym and do in fact get a much better workout.

Birthday festivities are planned with a large gathering of family and friends this evening. In preparation we have multiple stops to make for both groceries and gifts. The excursion is fun however getting in and out of the car in this cold weather takes its toll. The snow is falling and the wind is blowing which makes the scenery pretty however I am thinking about the beach where I would likely be right now if I were in Miami.

Lunch this afternoon is at the club for the salad bar, this will be a daily stop for me when I get back home as it has everything you could ever want for healthy choices. I am amazed at just how much thought you need to put into a simple things such as a meal. At Pritikin you just don’t think about it at all, everything is prepared for you and available at specific times each day which makes it rather simple. I will have to learn how to plan ahead and this certainly will be an effort until it becomes a natural occurrence in my new daily healthy life style.

The afternoon brings us back to the house with all our tasks for the day completed. My first thought is that I should return to the gym and do an afternoon cardio session. This would be a normal occurrence for me at Pritikin and being home should not alter that process. It does take a few moments to get into the groove with having to change from winter clothing into workout gear and get my head into the game.

In preparation for the Birthday Party, we have decorated the house accordingly and as the guests arrive we commence with the celebration. It is great to see the reaction of all those attending as they see me for the first time in many months. Certainly a great ego booster to hear the comments all while telling everyone about my experience to date.

The evening comes to an end, another healthy day overall and I am again thinking about my upcoming departure and just how difficult that will be.

Tomorrow will be another healthy day!