Day 94

Day one back at home for the weekend and I am not sure where to start.

I have to admit that being at Pritikin for the past three months has become a habit with my daily rituals of planned activity and easy meal selections.

My daily routine has been altered with no weigh in this morning and no breakfast prepared and waiting. That is okay, this is good practice for when I return home after completing my journey and I will manage on my own which is a true test.

Preparing to venture outside into the arctic air and it is a shocker. I bundle up like an Eskimo for the trip ahead with my first stop of the day at Starbucks for a bowl of oatmeal and some not so fresh fruit. I already miss those “icy” cold waters James brings me every day but I will make do with what they have here, the fruit is something else, it looks like it was picked two years ago.

Second stop, the club downtown where the gym is located and where I have not been for years. It is different, in the past I never really wanted to go into the gym, I just didn’t feel comfortable being there and today I can’t wait to get inside and burn up some calories on one of the cardio machines.

No Arc Trainer in sight but plenty of treadmills and bikes to be had. My morning cardio feels different, the increased elevation appears to bring me to a higher heart rate much sooner than in Miami and my blood pressure has risen to 130/85 in just one day.

With my blood pressure increased, I am curious to understand why since I have not changed anything in my diet in the past 24 hours. I stop in to see my Doctor and he administers my vitals and concludes that the increase in pressure is a direct result of the elevation change. I won’t know for certain until I return to Miami and see for myself.

With lunch just around the corner my choices have to be planned, I need to remain loyal to my ways and with that being said, I seek out the salad bar in the cafeteria. It is filled with vegetables and makes a perfect lunch. I am not saying that the smell of grilled cheese and french fries does not attract me, however my ways of fueling up are different now and I am not going to fall of the wagon over a smell.

I find it amusing that the people who are seeing me for the first time are looking twice but not saying anything. I can see the reactions and know they want to say something but it appears they just don’t know what to say. Some do approach me with words of amazement, that is a great ego booster and I am not silent at all in return filling them with how great Pritikin is and how great I am feeling.

My afternoon is with my family and visitors alike at the house, it feels like I am the star attraction and I don’t mind all the attention, this is fun and I am proud of my accomplishment to date.

The office is filled with paper work, albeit most of my day to day business is being handled by others during my absence. The opportunity to get my desk back in order is overwhelming but fun and seeing all this work piled up makes for a challenging afternoon.

With the day almost over it is time to prepare for dinner, I will need to impress those who are attending this evening with my new habits and kindly ask my wife what the plan is for tonights meal.

Dinner has many choices, those foods that were my favourites in the past such as Prime Rib and Roasted Potato’s are on the menu. A large garden will suffice for me and my commitment to my new life style. I fill my plate with salad with the intent of filling up on the vegetables, doing my best to reach satiety with the least amount of calories. No matter how strong the commitment is to my new diet the Prime Rib is looking succulent and I have not had any for months.

A small portion of Prime Rib is in order, throughly enjoyed but only for a short while. My body refuses to accept it and I can feel my heart racing trying to digest it. The reaction I am having is clearly proof to me that the choice was not wise. I suffer in guilt, the feeling I am having is not worthy of how good it looked and with those exact words “how good it looked” I have again realized that eating with my eyes is absolutely insane.

The evening comes to an end, it was a great day and I love being with my family at home. My thoughts are already running wild of the day I have to return to Miami. I keep telling myself the journey is half over and I have learned so much from Pritikin and that I must return and finish what I started.