Day 93 – 278 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

It is an early morning and aside from getting everything done as quickly as possible to be ready for my weekend trip home, I still need to pack my bag.

First stop this morning is the gym to weigh myself, I was hoping to see a reduction however the scale is holding idle at 278 pounds.

Breakfast today needs to be perfect, I am going to need to keep myself nourished with the best choices for complete satiety as airport foods are not anything in line with being good choices. I don’t want to fall victim to hunger pangs during the long travel day and certainly do not want to start my weekend trip home with bad choices.

Oatmeal and fresh berries with two full side plates of sliced watermelon and pineapple are my go to foods at breakfast. This will keep me feeling full for hours and provide the energy I need for the full day of travel.  I have taken with me six bananas, they will hold me over if I need more fuel through out the trip.

The gym is busy this morning with the morning cardio class in full swing. Just another day for those in attendance, for me I have this sense of nervousness as I prepare for one last cardio session before making my way home.

The ARC Trainer awaits my arrival along with Ivan who is overseeing me this morning. I sense that he knows that I am leaving, it is almost as if I am escaping and he is standing over me with great concern. In fact, it is just his way of seeing that I am working within my limits as he continues to protect me from injury and his concern is greatly appreciated. The sixty minute session goes well and as I prepare to depart, I advise the staff that I will be in fact away for a few days but will return and continue on with my journey.

Preparing for my departure of just three or four days, I decide that I don’t need to take much with me, this should be a rather simple and quick task of getting a bag together. Standing at my closet looking over what to take, I realize that I don’t have clothing for the winter climates at home. I start to laugh, my clothes at home will be to large, nothing here will be warm enough and I am leaving in a few hours.

I drive over to Merrick Park in search of some sweaters, pants and a jacket. I make my way into Nordstrom’s and find a few things but not enough to satisfy the urgent need. A few more stores in the outdoor mall and I am set with the exception of a jacket. The Nike store has some fleece long sleeves and a hoody along with track pants, not lined but they will have to suffice.

Driving back to Pritikin, I am thinking how great this feels, I just went out and got what I needed off the rack, that in itself is amazing. In the past, I would have had to either order online or go to a specialty store, just to get clothing.

Ready to leave, I am packed and on my way with great excitement and nervousness. The trip will take seven hours, I am ready with many thoughts running through my head about being at home and how big of a surprise this will be to everyone.

38,000 feet and for the first time, I am sitting on the plane comfortably in the cabin, no more moving around trying to get comfortable and no more seat belt extender. Not much in the way of healthy choices on board, chips and chocolate cookies are in the basket of treats and I am not interested. I have healthy fuel in my back pack and all though those bananas are slightly mushy they are far better than what is available.

Landed, the ground is frozen with white snow and brown streaks of dirt and the air has no humidity not to mention it is looking absolutely frigid outside. This is going to be an adventure, my skin is already shedding like a snake and my hands are numb.

Home sweet home, wow this is amazing! I am looking at all the comforts my home offers, I have forgotten about many of them including the candy drawer. First to meet me at the garage door, both of my dogs of whom are barking non stop while looking at me as if I am a complete stranger. They don’t recognize me or they forgot who I am, either way it is me. Walking past the dogs through the house to the family room, both my children are watching a movie on television, they booth look up in absolute surprise.

This is going to be a great weekend and with that being said, let’s get it going!