Day 92 – 278 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Weights – 30 Core
Spin – 45 Minutes

I am up and it is early, just after 5:00 AM and I am ready to go but have nowhere to go. It is still dark outside and everything is still closed.

At last the gym doors are unlocked and the scale is holding itself steady at 278 pounds.

Breakfast is served and it’s just after 6:30 AM and I don’t think I have ever been this early. James is keeping me company with his huge smile and further words of encouragement, not to mention two bottles of nearly frozen “icy” water which is the best thing in the world.

Ready to go hard in the gym this morning, I can feel an abundance of energy within my body and it is ready to perform. This is an amazing moment, I don’t ever recall being this enthusiastic about being in the gym nor ever wanting to get on a machine to drive out a workout session before most people have even woken up.

Weights today were not nearly as intense as yesterdays session never the less the workout was fantastic as we practiced diligent form and perfection with each lift and or stretch trying to achieve the maximum amount of resistance with each move.

I was so thrilled with my ability to have complete control on each lift that I actually spent an additional thirty minutes in the weight room going over my drills in slow motion while feeling the burn on each movement.

By surprise and with no intention of participating Lois asked me if I would like to go down to the studio and try a spin class. I have been trying the single spin bike in the gym every once in a while but find the seat so uncomfortable that I never really considered doing his class.

I was the only person in the class today and what a class it was. I don’t think I have ever worked out that hard before, the pedals were flying, the sweat was pouring out of me and his constant instruction to stand up and sit down and peddle harder was remarkable.

At the end of the spin class the floor had a pool of my sweat on the floor, I am certain that I won’t be able to walk tomorrow but more so am certain that I really need to push harder when in the gym to achieve that kind of workout.

Sitting at the pool trying to gain control over my legs which are still burning, I have decided that I will fly home this weekend for my son’s Birthday and surprise everyone. The thought of going home is very exciting but needs to be planned very carefully. I decided to take a walk and think it over and try to put a plan together as I don’t want to disturb my momentum and with the comforts of home that could easily happen.

All of the sudden I have this very nervous feeling about leaving, almost as nervous as when I was leaving home to come here. A walk through the resort listening to some music will surely calm my nerves, I can’t believe I am about to fly home for a few days.

Packed and ready to go!