Day 91 – 278 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes

Indeed a great morning with the scale rewarding me with a 2 pound loss.

Back at it with the intent of going hard, I have this burning desire to turn myself into a fit machine and that all starts with proper nutrition.

Breakfast of champions, hot oatmeal topped with cinnamon and berries with a side plate of watermelon and pineapple. It sure is different coming upstairs and sitting down for breakfast without my family and without them here, I fuel up and head for the gym.

Treadmill is my starting point this morning, sixty minutes of walk and run with a mixed elevation program. The maximum elevation setting is gruelling, the power from my legs is drained with each stride only to come back down, recharge and commence the run.

With cardio done and my first trip to Starbucks alone, I deviate from my regular route and pull into the strip mall just before Starbucks and stop in at an Italian Eatery that serves the most epic coffee in the world. The taste is fresh and the aroma is out of this world, by far the best coffee I have ever had.

Back at Pritikin, sitting at the pool and pondering my day ahead. I am so use to having my family here, it feels like I am lost and don’t know what to do without .

For lunch today, I have loaded up a bowl of Farmers Salad and Fruits from the buffet table. The intake of fuel is much deserved, the workout this morning has my quads twitching as I sit at the table moving around trying to stop my leg from moving around.

Pedro is glad to see me back in the gym, it has been a week since we lifted in a session and he has planned for me to get back into the game with what looks to be an epic session. I remind him that we are not scheduled until 2:00 PM and that I must first get to the ARC Trainer for my afternoon cardio warm up.

I burned up the sixty minutes in my usual fashion of going extreme while making the best of the headphones I brought with me today which only had one ear bud. Not the greatest for listening to music but the growl of the machine was more than enough to keep me striding along and bring a record number of calories. In just 59 minutes the Garmin is reporting that I chewed up 1263 calories with a maximum heart rate of 172 BPM which is way to high.

Keeping up with the momentum, I find myself changed and ready for Pedro and his eagerly awaiting smile as I charge at him from behind and lifting him up in the air. We started off with the free weights and worked ourselves around the matting all while grossing a total lift weight of 38,450 LBS in the hour.

Feeling overly pumped up the pool and afternoon aqua class well be the perfect end of the day work out. Ivan is waiting for me, I have been telling him all day that today I would return to the pool and charge up his class with my positive attitude and epic pool form.

Splashing around and working the class hard, not many people in the pool but never the less the waves are crashing and I am giving it my hardest. Forty five minutes and I am exhausted and ready for some down time in the sun to dry off and catch my breath.

Dinner this evening is tough, I don’t know any of the stay overs nor any of the new arrivals as I have been absent for most part of last week. With a difficult decision to be made, either go in and sit down or make my way to Dolphin Mall for sushi.

Here I am at the mall, sushi is the call and I find it so strange to be all alone again. Sitting at the sushi bar, the head Chef does a double look at me and as he did many weeks ago, says he can’t believe how much I have changed.

The night comes to an end, today was a great day and I feel great. I am making a commitment to start attending the lectures tomorrow and really focus on more educational aspects of the program.

Tomorrow is just another healthy day!