Day 90 – 280 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 30 Minutes

Today marks the halfway point in my journey and it has been amazing, I have had many good days and many bad days but I am feeling amazing.

Down 66 pounds in 90 days, that is remarkable and I never thought it would be so easy.

On another note, my wife and kids have left today and are heading home which is really tough to comprehend. I was so happy to have them here and poof they are gone, this is going to be tough on me as all the dynamics have changed.

My day went fast as I am still feeding off the energy my family gave me by being here, I need to keep that energy within me to continue with my success and I know it will be difficult.

I was hoping the week with my family would have been better with regard to food choices, my exercise commitment for the week was much lower than my regular schedule but I have the desire and motivation to get things back on track. I am ready to go hard, give it my best and make it happen.

I learned a lot with having them here, it was actually a real learning experience for when I get back home into the real world and not having the security bubble Pritikin offers me on a daily basis.

The most important lesson for me this week is that food is nothing more than fuel, if you give your body bad fuel it is going to run rough and break down. If you fuel up with premium fuel your body will run like a Swiss watch. The most important thing to realize is that in reality sometimes you break down and choose poor fuel, the difference in this lifestyle is to have the commitment to return to premium fuel and move forward with a healthy lifestyle after making those bad decisions.

The good news is that my wife has confirmed her travel plans over the next three months and those include her returning  every few weeks to both encourage me and enable my drive to remain strong until I conclude my journey. This alone will keep me strong knowing that I only have to go short periods being alone and that brings me happiness.

I am so proud of myself and am even more proud to show my children that when you set yourself on a mission it can be accomplished.

So happy, can’t wait for tomorrow!