Day 88 – 282 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

It is no surprise to me that the scale did not go down, I am thanking my lucky stars that it did not go up.

The past few days have been epic with my family here, I knew it would be a challenge to maintain my regular schedule and keep my diet clean while touring around and having almost every meal other than breakfast outside of my easy environment but I am managing to keep things together somewhat.

Breakfast is once again the standard issue oatmeal with fruit, lots of watermelon and berries on the side. This morning everyone is at the table preparing for yet another day and more so tonight’s big event, my wife’s Birthday.

Cardio for myself commences immediately after breakfast and the gym awaits my arrival along with my whole family. It is a workout marathon as we all approach various machines while my children start out on the weight circuit recording all of the different exercises they are doing. I am definitely not working out as hard as I would like to be but more so just cruising along and putting the time in while thinking about next week when I am back alone.

The plan for today is to drive Boca for the afternoon and visit my nephew and do some shopping at the mall. The drive is about an hour and I was on the phone most of the drive with Prime 112 where we will be having tonight’s dinner party. I am doing my best to arrange the perfect table along with having them prepare a very special chocolate house made birthday cake.

The day went fast with all of us wondering the mall in different directions. We are in a convoy on the Turnpike back to Pritikin in a rush to get dressed for our dinner at Prime 112 in less than an hour. The sky has turned black and rain is torrential which makes the drive slow as traffic backs up for miles. Finally arriving just on time, we make our way into the restaurant and commence the celebration with fine wine, salads, steaks, potatoes, vegetables and the most decadent chocolate cake you can imagine.

A wonderful evening and I am proud to say my food choices were kept clean with a mostly salad, baked potato, roasted vegetables and the slimmest of slim piece of birthday cake. Everyone is satisfied and happy to have had a great evening in another one of Miami’s finest restaurants.

The best part of the night is that I am driving back to Pritikin and I am not feeling any of those feelings you get when you eat poorly and best of all I am not hungry. Again, proof that making the right choices when fueling the body provides a feeling of complete satisfaction.

I love everything Pritikin has taught me so far, it is the greatest thing in the world.