Day 87 – 282 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

Well the good news is the scale remains idle, I usually complain about that but this morning I am happy it did not go up and in the same breath am disappointed it did not go down.

Breakfast is solo this morning, everyone remains tucked tightly in and I am getting thins done early as we have a golf game planned for mid morning.

I have not golfed in some time, I was an avid golfer of fifty rounds a season in the past however with the past sciatic injury that has put a full stop on my game. My clubs are here with me and have been sitting in the foyer since my arrival. I walk past them each day and keep asking myself when I will take advantage of using them being that I have a number of golf courses at my disposal located right here on the property including the famous Blue Monster.

Cardio went very quickly this morning, sixty minutes which felt like only half that. I was certain I had more time to go but the clock on the ARC Trainer was reading completed.

Headed over to the golf course with Jeff and my son, we are playing 18 holes on the Jim McLean course, it may be too much for my hip with all the twisting involved and the last thing I want is to disturb my sciatic. I managed 12 holes before deciding to just ride along in the cart for the balance as I started to get stiff. My biggest concern right now is how my body is going to react in a few hours or this evening.

On the return from the clubhouse, a quick stop to the gym for a session of Game Ready ice compression on my hip and lower back. The coldness along with the compression feels great and I am thinking that I will be okay as I am moving around well and don’t feel any strains or discomfort.

Late afternoon swimming in the pool with my children, relaxing pool side and enjoying the afternoon. It is the greatest having my family here, thoughts of them staying here with me until I have completed my journey are just that, not reality but pleasant thoughts that bring a smile to my face.

Dinner this evening is not planned, we are heading down to Lincoln Avenue for a walk and once again dinner is decided on by the kids and they have decided to stop in at Five Napkin along Lincoln Avenue for Cheeseburgers.

Back at Pritikin and without question I feel my body reacting to the food I consumed. My mouth is dry and I can sense this feeling of still being hungry and I just ate. I don’t get this feeling when I eat properly and I don’t like feeling this way.

I have taught myself that food is food and the primary purpose of consuming food is for fuel. Simply, when I choose to fuel up with poor choices, my body reacts poorly and lets me know shortly thereafter which is the way I am feeling now, not good. When I fuel up with good choices I feel great, both mind and body but more so a sense of complete satisfaction.

So why do I choose bad fuel, when I know the outcome of the bad fuel vs. good fuel?

I am choosing the bad fuel with my eyes and mind. The thought process of the greasy burger covered in melted cheese and enriched with bacon and buttery mushrooms, topped with mayonnaise and plated with deep-fried french fries looks great to my eyes and even better to my mind but in reality provides nothing to my body other than making me feel filled to capacity, dry mouth, lethargic and hungry for more.

In reality, think about this. Your eyes and mind don’t taste, they only see and think, that is it. The stomach digests and provides energy based on what is consumed, that is the sole purpose of eating. We eat because we are hungry and need energy, so why fuel up with food that doesn’t resolve the hunger or provide the energy we need.

We eat with our eyes and mind not our stomach. I am certain that my stomach would prefer good fuel over bad fuel. I am certain that my stomach doesn’t care how it tastes, it only wants quality fuel to get its job done which is to provide quality energy and resolve hunger.

In summation, quality fuel provides energy and ceases hunger which means your not hungry and no longer eating. Poor fuel does the opposite, no energy and hungry so what are you going to choose.

Stop eating with your eyes, start eating with your body in mind.

It’s that simple!