Day 86 – 282 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

The scale has not moved for a few days, once again idle and although my days have been fairly clean and active I am certain the lack of continued loss has to do with both the reduced amount of exercise and the added food intake over the past few days.

I do see a pattern developing where the scale stays idle for a number of days and then it drops when I focus on clean eating. I remain motivated and am continuing to move forward with lots of enthusiasm and that is all that matters in the long run.

Breakfast this morning is just me and my wife, the kids are still sleeping. The time change and the long day of travel has obviously gotten the best of them. Oatmeal and berries topped with cinnamon along with a bunch of bananas for the day’s snacking.

Cardio starts off with vitals, I am curious to see if the sodium in yesterday’s lunch has had any impact on my body. Blood pressure is administered and the reading is 122/84 which is indeed higher than normal but still acceptable in terms of being healthy. Arc Trainer or treadmill, not sure which to do first and after some thought ended up doing the upright bike for a change. I have discovered the pre programmed options and for this session have selected the hill option and am taking full advantage of a solid sixty minute hard session.By the end of the program my legs were burning and I am fully satisfied this is a great addition to my options for cardio machines.

The kids have arrived to the gym just as my session has completed. We are all standing around talking about the plan for today, with the sky being clear we have decided to head to the beach.

I have asked James to prepare a picnic basket for our outing, grilled chicken breasts, salads and fruit and I suggested that he adds anything else he sees in the kitchen to make it a perfect lunch. The kids want Subway, not surprised and we will stop on the way to the beach and top off the basket with some carbs and sodium.

Arrived at North Beach, my usual spot and have secured some great beach frontage. The waves are not nearly as large as they were last time, the water is calm almost similar to a lake. Some football and frisbee keeps us occupied, not much swimming as the water has what appears to be sea weed floating near the shore and no one really wants to get into the ocean and swim amongst whatever that is floating in the water.

Lunch was great, we spread out some towels and enjoyed ourselves while listening to music and playing in the sand. Not before long the thrill of being on the beach lost its novelty and before I knew it we were packed up and headed back to Pritikin to get showered and meet up with Wendy and Jeff for dinner.

Dinner this evening was not the best, I made some good choices but then found myself picking at the table breads and share plates. These kind of eye candy foods are devastating to me, they appear to be all small bites but when all is said and done they end up being an entire meal in its self. After all that, the meal arrives and I know that I am full but keep eating.

Walking around at Merrick Park after dinner enjoying the outdoor shops while just being with my family. I am usually doing this alone so having everyone around is awesome and I dread the day when I am back here alone when they leave.

Looking forward to tomorrow once again but fear my ignorance at dinner will have a serious impact on me and the scale. I keep telling myself not to worry, this is vacation week and I need to focus on my family. I still have to remind myself to make healthy choices and learn how to control myself, I will need to do practice that pattern when I return home after my journey here.