Day 85 – 282 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes

Without saying this is the best morning yet knowing that my family is here with me.

Breakfast is served and my family has taken to my regular table while the entire staff come to the table side and introduce themselves. My kids are looking around and I can tell that they are astonished with the surroundings but more so at what food choices are available for them.

My children are not big breakfast eaters, however they are for certain not ready for this type of transformation and at best they are only making eye contact with the fruit platters.

With breakfast completed, cardio is up next for me and to my surprise everyone is joining in on the morning class. This is great, we are all working out side by side on the machines and I am starting off with the Arc Trainer while my family take positions on the treadmills.

I am once again thinking that this week is going to be a challenge with keeping the kids occupied while I try to maintain my regular schedule of exercise and meals. I am going to have to change things up and my thoughts are that I will only be getting in one exercise session a day and perhaps only breakfast in-house which is going to be interesting.

We have completed our morning session and the kids are hungry which means we are off to the strip mall down the street for food. The choices are Starbucks or Panera Bakery which both appear to be acceptable.

Driving back to Pritikin to get changed and ready for our first full day in Miami together, we have no specific plans however we plan on driving down to South Beach at some point of the day to walk around and see the sights.

It felt like a long day for me, I am certainly not use to this and my body feels the difference in both my food choices and lack of exercise. My food choices this afternoon were simple but never the less they were not one hundred percent.

We had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, my sons go to place and albeit the smell of fresh pizza was evident in the air, I remained strict with only having a BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad which is very high in sodium. I can certainly feel the effects of the meal, my mouth is dry and I am overly thirsty.

Dinner is approaching and as we gather in the Lobby to meet Wendy and Jeff, we are once again headed out for dinner. I am planing to keep it really simple and am going to do my best with keeping things in check.

At last back to my home away from home and I am feeling exhausted or perhaps just out of sorts with the all the excitement and change to my regular schedule. Dinner was great, I maintained myself with a salad and bake potato and refrained from any sweets after the meal.

I feel good about my decision to hold tough and eat properly rather than with my eyes, it surely proves to me once again that I can do it.

Tomorrow will be another healthy day!