Day 84 – 282 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Swim – 25 Lengths

Today has finally arrived, my family is scheduled to arrive this afternoon and with a few hours remaining until I leave for the airport my excitement level is peaking.

Starting my morning off with a weigh in on the scale, no change from yesterday. 282 pounds which gives me a total loss of 64 pounds in just 84 days.

Breakfast is served and without surprise I am once again fueling up with hot oatmeal, sliced fruits and berries along with bananas to go.

Cardio is up next and I am looking to burn up some energy which should relax me or at least calm me down from the hectic pace I have created for myself this morning while waiting to leave for the airport.

With my cardio completed and still fully energized, I have elected to continue on with some weight lifting which will clear me of doing it this afternoon and to consume more of my morning time. I am so excited about today that I think I am giving myself anxiety, the excitement is peaking and the hours left to wait are agonizing.

With the morning almost over but still time remaining on the clock before lunch I have decided to head over to the lap pool and do some swimming. I was not anticipating doing much in the pool but managed to put in twenty-five lengths which did in fact relax me.

At last the time has come to depart for the airport,  in my anxious state and lack of attention to my driving I have missed the turn off for the airport and am in grid lock on the freeway. My head is racing with thoughts of being late and my temper is getting shorter with the standstill of traffic.

Finally arrived at the arrivals area and find myself pacing while waiting for my family to come through the doors. Time is passing and I don’t see them anywhere but I know they are here. I see both of my children in the distance and wait for them to approach through the gate doors and they walk right past me. Neither of them recognize me, I can’t believe it, has my appearance changed that much.

We have arrived at Pritikin, introductions to my family are in order and a quick tour of the property. With things settled and everyone ready for dinner after a long day, we make our way out for dinner.

A great end to the day, very happy my family is here, it is the best ever!