Day 83 – 282 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Swim -10 Lengths
Weights – 60 Minutes

Another day and another two more pounds are gone!

As always breakfast is followed by cardio which today included interval jogging on the tread mill. Starting off with a mid paced walk with minimum elevation and gradually working myself up to a higher elevation and increased speed until the need to run was upon me. I found that lowering the elevation to par and increasing the speed gave me a glide pattern with each stride and brought my heart rate to a steady beat of 145 of which I continued with for the duration of the session.

It has been some time since I have not mentioned my hip or sciatic pain, I guess that is a good indicator that the soreness and stiffness are no longer as chronic but don’t get it wrong, it still hurts every morning without doubt.

A great cardio session indeed, time for cooling off in the pool along with some swimming lengths. The pool is a great end to the morning exercise, not sure which I like better, the water or the sun but both are fantastic.

Back in my room to make a quick Skype call to my family, they are arriving tomorrow and I am really excited to see them. I have to walk over to Hertz as I have rented a larger car for a week as the Mustang just won’t work for all of us.

With all the excitement, I am starting to think about what it will be like when they arrive and we start doing things away from the Pritikin program. How will I handle myself with regard to food choices and being out and about. More so worried about the day when they prepare to leave and I remain here.

Lunch time, the Suburban is secured and parked next to the Mustang and my thoughts are to head out for the afternoon but I convince myself to stay and have lunch and attend my scheduled weight lifting session. Once again I missed out on doing my afternoon cardio, not sure why I am neglecting my responsibility but that was the decision I made.

It’s just before 2:00 PM and my afternoon weight lifting session is up next. Even though I did not do cardio, I am anxious to get into the gym and start lifting with Pedro. A great session, we lifted for just over sixty minutes of which I was able to move 34,500 lbs combined for a new record.

The late afternoon is here and my plan is to get things prepared for everyone’s arrival tomorrow then again I find that there is not much to do other than get a key for the kids room from the front desk. The hours are going slow, my excitement for tomorrow is peaking and the wait time is driving me crazy.

Dinner this evening is being served but I find myself out of sorts and feeling very anxious. I managed to sit still for about an hour before having to excuse myself from the table. I had nowhere to go but found myself back at The Dolphin Mall just walking around trying my best to burn up the balance of hours left in the evening.

It’s going to be a long night, I am so excited and can’t wait to see my family. Tomorrow can’t come fast enough and with that being said I am hoping I can fall asleep.