Day 81 – 285 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 45 Minutes

Sunday morning and with the early morning stomach ache breakfast is the last thing on my mind. It is just after 9:00 AM and with the extended sleep I am feeling a bit groggy but feeling better.

The scale did not change from yesterday, that is a good thing as I was certain I was going to see it on the upside.

I managed a very mild morning cardio session which gave me the wake up I call needed with a sixty minutes session. Now that my engine is running I am awake and a light session of weights on my own is in order to complete my morning.

Relaxing at the pool now but the clouds are rolling in and the sky is looking rather dark. Time to pack up my bag and head in for a shower. I am meeting up with Wendy and Jeff as we have planned to drive over to Bal Harbor for the day via the Miami Yacht Show which is being set up for next week.

More shopping but this time I have not purchased anything, just walking around and enjoying the wonderful scenery and fresh air. I can’t say the same thing for Jeff who has managed to fill the trunk of the car with various shopping bags.

A rather slow end to the day, not much going on just hanging around making the best of the afternoon sunset and preparation for dinner. With it being Sunday, once again the dining room is filled to capacity with new arrivals and the conversations are all repeating themselves.

No plans for this evening, perhaps some television and preparation for the week ahead.