Day 80 – 285 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Swim – 30 Lengths

Saturday it is and I am up and ready with a positive attitude for having yet another great day.

The scale reading is 285 pounds which means I am down another pound and that itself gives me the extra boost of motivation that I fires me up.

I missed breakfast this morning, I was more anxious to get on with my cardio and get the day going, likely a bad error in my judgement. ARC Trainer once again and I am hammering out an epic session of cardio with a custom interval program which has me burning up the calories and powering my quads, what a great day so far.

Feeling ready to fuel up now that I am feeling the effects of not eating breakfast. I have decided to drive down to Panterra, not the best choice but indeed something that I really feel like doing. Being careful with my choices this morning I have ordered a whole grain bagel with a poached egg, no butter and scooped out before being twice toasted for that extra crunch.

Feeling completely satisfied with my relaxed breakfast, I returned to Pritikin to take advantage of the warm morning sun and the lap pool. Thirty lengths of swimming was the order of the day, my upper body is feeling the workout and I feel completely refreshed.

Showered and ready for the big event of the day, we are headed to Boca Towne Centre to do some shopping. Once again, Nordstrom, Lululemon and Neiman’s are my first stops and in a panic with so much to see and so much try on I don’t know where to go first. I keep reminding myself that I need to be more aware that my continued weight loss will render all these new purchases as give away within a month.

We have arrived back to Pritikin and it’s almost 6:00 PM and my body is seeking fuel. I am feeling a bit light-headed with not having lunch, this is turning out to be a poor choice day for keeping myself nourished properly. Tonight we are headed to Miami Beach for dinner at Prime Italian so my lack of intake in anticipation of a heavier meal this evening is likely not the way to approach things. I know better, in no way should I be depriving myself of food in anticipation of an upcoming meal and I feel guilty of doing so.

The restaurant is awesome, Prime Italian’s menu is full of choices both healthy and not so healthy. I have managed to keep things in check with ordering my meal and all though it contains a mix of both healthy and not so healthy choices, I am happy with how my ordering is going.

Firstly, a bottle of great wine is in order, the ambience of the restaurant almost dictates that from the start. A large bowl salad filled with everything from the garden, no dressing required as everything is so fresh and loaded with taste. The not so great choice is the steak which was huge in proportion to my usual four once allowance at Pritikin. I did however request that no seasoning be added and that my baked potato come plain. The steak is tender and tasty which is a real treat, it is difficult to limit myself to only eating perhaps one-third of the plated portion and leave the balance so I have asked the waiter to remove my plate.

It was indeed a great night, the lobster my brother-in-law ordered was the largest sea crustacean I have ever seen plated. The pastry tray was epic, I limited myself to only tasting a spoonful however that spoonful was based on tasting each of the items on the platter which contained maybe ten different selections. That was my falling point and I can tell you it hurts and is so ridiculous as I was completely satisfied and yet kept spooning.

It’s now 5:00 AM and I have the worst stomach ache you can imagine, my entire body is reacting to the food, salt or more likely the pastry.