Day 79 – 286 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Swim – 10 Lengths
Cardio – 30 Minutes

Friday morning has arrived, I am ready to head upstairs and see what the scale is going to bring me this morning.

The scale sits at the entry to the gym, I am anxious to see a loss this morning and sure enough the scale gives me a reading of 286 which means I am down another one pound.

Same routine is planned for today starting with a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and cinnamon sprinkled along with an abundance of fresh raspberries along with a couple of bananas.

I am ready for my daily schedule of cardio, weights, swimming and more cardio. I have been noticing that my daily activity has been declining with regard to overall time. I was averaging close to four hours a day of exercise just a few weeks ago and lately it has been averaging just over two hours per day. The missing hours are a direct result of not attending the aqua class once or twice daily.

I am not sure why I have been missing the aqua class, it was something that I really enjoyed doing and it was giving me a great workout. While I am sitting here pondering, those lectures still remain to be seen. I have been putting those off since my arrival thinking that I have lots of time to get them all in. In reality I am approaching the half way mark of my stay and I have only been to a few.

It is now mid afternoon and I see my brother-in-law lifting his shirt to display his shaved chest compliments of medical and the mandatory stress test. My weight session is up next and my rotator cuff is still acting up so we are focusing on legs and core today rather than lifting. I have been working my core for the past couple of weeks but not as diligently as I had predicted. It is tough, those muscles when activated are like resistance bands that just won’t stretch. I believe my constant complaining about doing those exercises are causing my trainers stress and I don’t blame them for not wanting to put up with my complaining.

With the day completed, dinner is just around the corner and for tonight we have planned to have dinner here and then take in a movie. The theatre is a tough place to be, the smell of popcorn is over whelming and the concession is loaded with treats that will without question bring a person into sugar shock. Avoiding the concession is absolute will power.

We left the theatre only a thirty minutes into the show, it was painfully boring and rather than sit through it we decided to walk around the mall with the intent of finding something else to do other than go back to Pritikin so early.