Day 78 – 287 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

It is 6:00 AM and I am up and ready to rumble, with that being said off I go to the gym for my morning weigh in and then some breakfast.

Yesterday was not the greatest day, today I am feeling energized and ready to tackle anything that is presented except the scale which is idle once again.

Breakfast is served and the oatmeal is chunky this morning but still tastes great when sprinkled with cinnamon and covered with berries and sliced fruit.

I split my cardio session once again into two segments, firstly the ARC Trainer for thirty minutes followed by the tread the mill for 30 minutes. I am finding that my running is very awkward at the start and then once I get into the groove it becomes natural. I am anxious to get my weight down low enough that I can become a runner, I associate running with being free like a bird. You can go wherever you want, it is just you and the trail.

Some mid morning pool time and a few lengths but not enough to record the activity, never the less it was still worthy and felt great. Taking in some sun now while relaxing before making my way to lunch and meeting up with Wendy.

Lunch today brings pizza in a crispy she’ll with another round of thanks to Doreth who has prepared today’s pizza with a tinge of extra lo-fat cheese making it just perfect.

I have opted out from afternoon cardio today in order to catch an early weight lifting session with Pedro. Unfortunately during my opening set my right shoulder started to hurt in my rotator cuff. It has been years since I have had this pain and I making the assumption it had to do with the massive weight session I had with Scott the other day. I have applied some biofreeze to the area of soreness and am hopeful it is isolated to just being a day pain and have eased off on lifting until it resolves itself.

Wendy’s husband arrives tonight, once again the dynamics will change with the arrival of another family member. This should make for an interesting week ahead as he get accustomed to the program.

I just realized that I am almost at the half way point of my journey and yet it feels like I have been here for so long. My plan is to be here for 180 days and today marks day 78 which is hard to believe. With out question I am elated with my progress and look forward to reaching my goal, I just need to keep myself motivated and in check with what I am doing here.

Dinner this evening is rather quick, I am off to the The Dolphin Mall for some new shoes that just arrived on special order. The mall is filled with shoppers, I still don’t understand why so many people flock to this place, it is as busy as Times Square and everyone is loaded with bags.

Back to my villa, organizing my closets yet again and this time I am saying goodbye to all my XXL clothing. Very excited, I am officially now an XL which to me is the greatest feeling in the world.