Day 77 – 287 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 30 Minutes

It is a slow start to my morning, indeed yesterdays weight lifting session of 33,000 pounds has got the best of me. My arms, back and chest are tender to the touch with pain, albeit a good pain.

The scale has given me another one pound loss. This is good news but I am still moving slowly and am making my way to breakfast, hopefully to arrive just before lunch at this pace.

Cardio this morning is very difficult, my entire upper body is sore and with the constant movement the tenderness makes itself known front and centre. I still managed to make it through sixty minutes however my pace was so slow that it was likely not worthy of the time spent on the machine. The entire gym staff however enjoyed my constant whine of pain and I was certain to milk that for all it was worth.

I have returned to my villa and have showered and have decided to leave Pritikin for the day and take an excursion with no planned destination. It will be a day of just escaping my daily schedule and trying to get my mojo back.

My first stop is at Five Guys for a cheese burger and fries, an awful decision but today is not a day to judge. I just want to be free and not have to think about anything, it is going to be a “me” day.

I am currently heading South on the Turnpike towards Key Largo in the Mustang with the top down and music blaring. The sun feels great on my face and the fresh air is awesome but my single regret is the poor choice I made with that stop at Five Guys. Without question, I am still hungry and my mouth is dry from the sodium but I am continuing on both in pain and disgust.

I have arrived at last in Key Largo, the drive was remarkable however I don’t see anything here of interest other than McDonald’s. I have stopped for two bottles of water and am turning around to make my way back to Pritikin for a work out and swim to help me get rid of this gross feeling of a cheese burger sitting inside of me.

I was hoping that I would feel better after working out, the burger is still haunting me and the after taste is forever lasting. The session did not work out that well, I only managed thirty minutes before getting off the machine and my way to the pool and try to absorb this negative energy omitting from me in the water.

A synopsis of the day is really not required, it started slow and ended slow and I am glad it is over with.

In the end, I have just decided to hang out and take it easy tonight. Tomorrow I will have my game back and everything will be okay. It was just a bad day and I have convinced myself that those days are just part of life.

Tomorrow can not come soon enough!