Day 76 – 288 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 30 Minutes

The scale has awarded me another loss of one pound this morning!

Breakfast is served, oatmeal and freshly sliced fruit with a couple of bananas. I love this breakfast, so simple and filling and providing hours of energy.

This morning I changed things up with my exercise program. I started out on the ARC Trainer as usual and completed thirty minutes of training then decided to run on the treadmill for another thirty minutes. To my surprise, I did not have any issues with my knee or sciatic from the constant impact on my joints and furthermore it felt rather natural. I am assuming the weight loss to date has played a role in easing the wear and tear on my knees.

Mid morning blues have arrive now that my cardio is completed and I feel like a coffee but don’t want to drive down to Starbucks. In the clubhouse at the hotel they have a small Starbucks Cafe, not nearly as good but for today it will suffice.

Walking over to Starbucks, I passed the Golf Shop and stopped in for look at all the new products that just arrived for the up coming Cadillac Golf Tournament hosted on the Blue Monster. Trump has loaded the shop with clothing and accessories all supporting the Trump logo. A golf hat and a few shirts are in order along with some things to send home to my children.

Thinking about the clothing that I have recently bought over the past weeks and now realizing that everything is starting to look a little big on me. This is great news but I am not ready to give away all my recent purchases just yet even though Sandy keeps reminding me to send bags.

Sitting outside at the pool waiting for Wendy to finish up with her scheduled appointments talking with Bradley. We are lounging on the pool deck discussing the program and how great he is feeling. I hear a lot from guests who rave about how great they feel after being here for just a few days and I can attest to that fact.

I was late to todays weight session with an extended lunch hour and missed my session with Pedro. Scott was able to fill in and gave me an epic half hour session. It has been a few weeks since we worked out together and today he worked me hard. We are logging the total weight lifted during the session and Scott recorded 33,000 pounds in total weight moved in the thirty minutes. Bradley is most impressed as he continues to practice walking back and forth attached to the cable machine, almost like walking a bad dog. My body is pulsating, I just may be sore tomorrow!

Dinner this evening we are gathered at the eight top and welcome two new guests to the table. John Huntsman and Ben Barnes, both of whom are offering an evening of very interesting discussions along with great words of encouragement.

Ready for bed to say the least, my upper body is still pulsating from today’s weight lifting and I’m wondering how my sleep is going to be and just how sore I am going to be in the morning.

A truly epic day!