Day 75 – 289 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 30 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes

Woke up early and hustled upstairs to the gym to secure my ARC Trainer, this is the busiest week I have seen here and I don’t want to lose my spot.

The scale remains the same this morning and I feel good where it is at. I am determined to not fall into last weeks trap of disappointment when the scale stayed idle day after day.

Body measurements are taken with Scott and the results are mostly the same as last week with a small loss around my Glute of .05″ and my Waist has shrunken another 1.0″. Seventy five days and my waist is down a whopping 10.0″ and overall I am down 57 pounds.

Right Calf Right Thigh Glute Waist Chest Right Forearm Right Bicep Weight
Start 17.50 24.50 57.50 60.00 57.50 14.00 17.00 346.00
Week # 10 15.5 22 50 50 49 12 15 289.00
Total Loss -2.00 -2.50 -7.50 -10.00 -8.50 -2.00 -2.00 -57.00

Morning cardio is up next and things in the gym are crazy busy. Almost every machine is occupied and the gym is loud with a roar of motivation. This is for certain the week I have been told about where the New Years resolution crowd floods the program. I am certain that if I did not secure my ARC Trainer earlier I would have been out of luck.

A change-up in my morning schedule today as Pedro and I are weight lifting this morning rather than in the afternoon. It turns out that I did not perform as well as I usually do, perhaps the earliness of the day has had an impact and I have made it clear that I much prefer lifting mid afternoon.

With my morning almost completed and my schedule altered,  I find myself lost with what to do next. I find myself headed over to the pool to take in some relaxation and sun before lunch.

Lunch is served and the room is full, very few tables left however I have somehow managed to carry on Sandy’s tradition of having my own table. It is known around the dinning room that I sit at the eight top and I always sit in the same chair. The Reserved sign on the table is bringing attention to the table as the other guests wait to be invited to sit down. That is surely not the intent however it has been guaranteeing me my place.

This afternoon brings a brief cardio session after lunch, not sure why I only performed half of my regular session but I found myself back at the pool enjoying the sun. Most of the other guests are at lecture, I still have not attended many and that is on my mind but every day seems to pass with me doing other things.

Today’s aqua class is Wendy’s first and she has been told that I am sight to be seen in the pool.  I chuckle to myself with that thought as I don’t mean to bring any attention to myself, so much as all I am after is a hard workout giving myself the best results possible.

Dinner tonight with Wendy and Bradley is rather uneventful, I was hoping to have more fun but it was rather quiet. I am assuming the lack of enthusiasm has to do with the first day shock all the new arrivals are going through both with new healthy food choices and lots of activity and a wealth of new information.

Rather than going back to the room, I suggested to Wendy we go to The Dolphin Mall and walk around while taking advantage of visiting the Nike Store. We ended up stopping at Yogurt Land on the way home, I treated myself to a bowl of frozen yogurt and sliced berries.

Wendy’s husband arrives Thursday and my wife and kids will return the following week which is going to be awesome. My thoughts are once again on how I will manage with my entire family here with regard to keeping things healthy with food choices while out and about along with keeping everyone entertained while I exercise and maintain my schedule.

An early evening, time to turn things down for the night and I am anxious to see what tomorrow brings.