Day 74 – 289 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

Sunday morning has arrived and I am ready to get moving. It should make for an interesting day as Wendy starts her first day of the program which includes medical testing and physical assessments which all new arrivals complete each Sunday.

Breakfast is as usual for me this morning, oatmeal and sliced berries as I watch Wendy get her first real taste of what is to come. It is remarkable to see how the newcomers react when they face the reality of healthy eating Pritikin style. The faces and comments that are made are a true indicator of how brainwashed we can become from our regular lives at home with all the processed foods we consume and take for granted as being good choices.

A great cardio session this morning, sixty minutes of maximum resistance on the ARC Trainer. I find that if I have a down day or reduced session of cardio the prior day that the following day I am overly strong and completely motivated to work my hardest.

Being that it is Sunday and I don’t have Pedro scheduled and my weight lifting session is to be done solo which means I will be doing a complete circuit on the Cybex machines. I find myself not lifting as aggressively and making the session more of a relaxed venue when compared to having a trainer at my side.

Lunch time and I am waiting at the table for Wendy to finish up with her appointments. The morning schedule for her was hectic, as she takes her seat at the table for her first lunch I laugh out loud as she views my plate and blurts out with an “oh god” I am not eating that.

The table conversation is as usual, chatter about the first day discoveries and of course the food they are about to or just have consumed. It is truly a weekly iconic moment for me, it repeats itself like clock work.

This afternoon I have planned to tour Wendy around the Doral property then depart Pritikin for a tour of Miami and surrounding areas which include the shopping stops such as Merrick Park, South Beach and The Bal Harbor Shoppes.

It was a long day, lots of driving in Sunday traffic and now we are back for dinner and preparing for tomorrow fully packed day of activity.

Tomorrow will be another healthy day and I am looking forward to it.