Day 73 – 289 Pounds

Cardio – 25 Minutes

It is a very early morning and today is Saturday which means I am going to the beach.

My first stop is the gym for my morning weigh in which resulted in yet another one pound loss. Things are back on track with the scale and it is obvious that is a direct result of my continued regime of exercise and mostly good eating choices.

Breakfast is brief this morning with a quick bowl of oatmeal and some bananas for the road.

Very brief session of cardio which is strange, the clock is at 25 minutes and I am ready to get onto the next thing. Perhaps the ambience in the gym today with it being Saturday and not really busy I am more inclined to get out and go to the beach.

Sitting here on the beach and the mid morning breeze is awesome with a cool tinge while the sun is baking me like a laser. The waves are crashing onto the beach with a strong rumble almost as if the Ocean is angry. It is remarkable to watch and even more so the tourists who are venturing out and getting slammed with each breaking set.

My beach lunch today is a variety of fruits that I picked up at the grocery store along with a half oven roasted chicken. Not the easiest thing to eat while trying to keep my hands clean of sand. Actually it is a disaster and ended up being tossed away as the grit of sand does not make a great meal.

Time to pack up and leave, nearing 2:00 PM and later on today my sister-in-law is arriving for a two-week stay at Pritikin. I am excited to see her as it gives me comfort knowing that for the next two weeks I will be with someone who I know.

Showered and ready to go meet Wendy, we are going to Coral Gables to meet Jordan her son for dinner at Hillstones. I kept my meal choice rather clean as I felt obligated to demonstrate my new eating habit but in the end the red meat was a bad choice and I can feel my heart beating as my body is trying to digest the food.

On our arrival back from dinner, I walked around the facility showing Wendy all of the things to do and where she would be spending her next two weeks. Funny thing happened as we walked through the dining room we ran into another friend who just arrived of which we had no idea.

I am glad to have people here that I know, but in reality I feel intruded on in a way. Not sure why I feel that way, it just does and being that I prefer to not be alone I won’t make a big deal of it.

Looking forward to tomorrow, Sunday and perhaps a cruise in the tang!