Day 72 – 290 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

Yes, the scale gives me another one pound loss this morning and I feel a change in my body now that my recent plateau has been broken.

It is a late start this morning as I went to pick up the rental car. On my arrival I was told that they did not have a convertible for me as per my reservation. The agency manager went beyond his duty and and advised that a convertible was just returned but it was not ready. He suggested I take another car for the morning and return in an hour so he could have it cleaned and ready for me.

Made it back to Pritikin just after 10:00 AM and headed directly to the gym for a mid morning cardio session.  I have now discovered that I much prefer working out earlier in the morning rather than later as it feels like my schedule is off.

I have an hour until lunch, I am feeling hungry with missing my morning breakfast and with an hour to go I have decided to hang out at the pool. Sitting here listening to music with my Beats ear buds inserted in my ears when all of a sudden one of them popped out. I tried to put it back in my ear but it felt strange. Looking at the ear bud and the black cover is missing but I could not find it anywhere. I felt something still in my ear and with my finger I tried to feel  around to see if that was what I was feeling. I couldn’t feel anything but something sure felt strange so I went inside to the Doctors office and asked them to take a look. Inside my ear canal the Doctor found the missing piece.

As the Doctor was probing around in my ear, he kept saying he was not sure if he could get it out and I might need to go to the hospital. In a panic I started to feel dizzy and was certain I was about to faint. Thankfully the attending nurse was able to grab it with a tiny clamping tool of which was a great relief to me. No more ear buds for me and those Beats are no longer in my possession.

Lunch at last, I am starving and ready to fuel up in a big way. The best thing about Pritikin lunch is the variety of foods available and they are healthy choices. Salad and hot buffet for me which included bean burritos and what looked to be stir fried vegetables.

No afternoon cardio for me today, wondering why all of a sudden I have stopped wanting to do cardio after lunch and it has been some time since I last attended the aqua class. Perhaps I am staring to get to comfortable here and am not taking it serious enough.

Pedro is ready for me in the gym for weight lifting, I am ready for that and without hesitation I make my way to the circuit for which ended up being an absolutely stellar sixty minute work out. I am feeling overly pumped up until Camille reminded me that I have not been doing enough core exercises and I need to get back to my schedule.

With Camille in the background, I reminded her how cold it was outside yesterday and that with todays warm sunny weather the pool is taking priority this afternoon. Not a big deal either way, I will get it all done and with that being said I made my way back to the pool for some afternoon rays.

Off to the mall for tonight, missing dinner here and headed for some sushi once again, the guy at the sushi bar is getting to know me and is wondering why I am shrinking for which I reply it is his sushi that is causing the reduction. Shopping or a movie, the decision has yet to be made albeit some popcorn would be pretty good other than the sodium and lack of satiety.

I opted out of the movie, more or less only because the temptation for popcorn was strong and I felt that after my recent plateau that I did not want to make a poor choice for something that would offer me nothing in reality.

CNN is the choice of entertainment as I prepare myself for an early evening.