Day 71 – 291 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 45 Minutes

I am up early this morning, it is just after 6:30 AM and it is absolutely freezing outside with a North wind and low clouds. It appears that the entire fairway of the golf course is covered in dew or frost which looks very abnormal to me being that this is Miami.

This morning I had to return my rental car after breakfast, the contract has expired and I am sad to say they did not have a Jeep for me and even worse they did not have another convertible. I did however get baby blue Nissan Sentra which sounds like a sewing machine and I am not happy about it. There is no way I can keep this car, I am on the hunt for another.

Drove to Starbucks for a morning coffee in the Sentra after leaving the car rental agency and admit it was very depressing going from a convertible to this car. I am online in Starbucks searching for car rental agencies on my iPad. I have found a Fox Rent A Car agency very close by and they have convertible’s available and without question that is my next destination after I complete morning cardio.

Working out on the ARC Trainer thinking about the car situation, I am in a rush to get  finished and get to Fox for the new car. The sixty minute session concluded before I knew it which is rather remarkable. My mind was so occupied by this situation that I didn’t realize I was working out.

I have arrived back from my excursion to Fox, they were able to confirm a convertible Mustang for me however it is not available until tomorrow. That works out perfect, it gives me the opportunity to return the Sentra to Hertz and make arrangements for getting back to Fox tomorrow.

Lunch hour came quick today with my hectic morning. Nutritious salad bowl of mixed chopped vegetables and sliced fruits are in front of me and I am ready to get settled down and get my afternoon underway.

Day 71 is almost half over, I am in awe with the fact that I am able to keep this pace up day after day of the same activity. It really is a mission of epic proportions and other than missing my family things are going rather well for me.

The gym awaits my arrival, the cardio equipment and weights are staring me down and I am ready to tackle both but just can’t get going. Perhaps too much lunch, not sure but I am moving slowly and am thinking it must be the fault of this gentleman sleeping in chair at the check in desk of the gym.

Cardio followed by weights brings my energy level back to normal and once again my level of enthusiasm is peaking as we conclude the afternoon session with a good chat about my progress and the next months of planned strategy.

Not being able to go outside, the rain is torrential I am forced to head back to the villa and hang out until dinner which is Bison tonight.

A last-minute decision on my walk back to the room finds me back at Merrick Park wondering the magnificent shops in search of something but I am not sure what. Tomorrow is just another healthy day!