Day 70 – 291 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Swim – 25 Lengths
Weights – 45 Minutes
Weights –  60 Minutes

At last the scale has moved downward.

I am at the breakfast table and it is just after 6:30 AM which is way to early. Oatmeal and sliced berries is the call of the day.

Morning cardio in the gym, once again on the ARC Trainer. I am doing a mixed program of various resistance levels in three and five-minute segments. Not sure what to call it, perhaps just playing with the controls as I try to occupy myself over the sixty minute program.

I have completed my session and it is just after 8:00 AM, not sure what to do with myself being it is so early. Perhaps some swimming in the lap pool to burn some more calories and use up some time on the clock, I am off my daily schedule today.

It is still rather early and I have some time to use up before my next scheduled event. While I was swimming a massive airplane flew over which looked rather unique in its shape. I took a drive over to the airport along the cargo road to spot what it was and discovered the Boeing Dream Lifter. It is truly an amazing looking airplane and up close you get a sense of the shear size of the plane.

It is finally 11:00 AM and I am still looking for something to do with myself. Rather then just sit at the pool I have decided to go back to the gym and do a light weight session on my own.

Lunch time has finally arrived all though it feels like it the dinner hour. This has been the longest morning I have had in a long time. I have Pedro scheduled for 2:00 PM and until then I am sitting at the main pool enjoying the sun and my book. I was complimented by the pool attendant, not sure of her name but she has been here since my arrival and today she said that I have lost a lot of weight. This made me feel great, it is really nice when someone notices the progress.

Weight session today was not that great, likely the sole cause is how tiered I feel from the long morning. I still managed to get through the entire circuit with Pedro, I however just didn’t feel that my performance was that great.

For dinner this evening I left Pritikin and headed over to the Dolphin Mall for sushi and some shopping. I picked up another beach chair from Sports Authority as they only cost $9.99 and I have now decided to make them single use only rather than packing them back up from the beach. Surely the man who stands and talks to himself at the beach all day each time I go will make good use of all the chairs.

Back to Pritikin and unpacking the car as tomorrow I will be returning it. I am hopeful they will have a Jeep for me tomorrow, I am thinking that would be a fun vehicle to have for the next while.

Off to bed and it’s only 8:30 PM.