Day 68 – 292 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes

Not surprised that the scale did not move but thankfully it did not go up.

I started this morning off fasting in order to complete my updated RMR to see where things stand. After 67 days of being on the program the result is that I am now burning 600 fewer calories a day at my new weight.

I followed up with my recent DEXA body scan and was very impressed to see the difference from my first test compared to this new test. I have gone from 39 percent body fat on my arrival to 32 percent body fat with the largest loss overall in my trunk. I am still overweight but I feel good and that is what is important.

Breakfast as usual, Monday morning oatmeal with sliced berries and the The Wall Street Journal of which I once again did not read. Thoughts are of last Monday breakfast when I was sitting at the same table with my wife.

Feeling lonely again, went to the pool after breakfast but did not last long before leaving for the gym to get my morning cardio done and work off that horrific lunch from yesterday.

The morning is almost over but it just seems to be moving so slowly. Kind of feeling down, the scale has not moved, my wife has departed and I am just not having a good day so far. On the bright side my wife’s sister and husband will arrive in a few days for two weeks so that will be very comforting for me and I look forward to having them here with me.

Hanging out on the pool deck waiting for lunch, I forgot to have my measurements taken this morning. To late to do it now, Scott is already booked with other clients and I prefer to have them taken in the morning.

Headed over to the dining room for lunch, feeling like getting some fuel but not in the mood for salad. Checking the buffet line up and nothing is that appealing to me so I have asked James to prepare me a grilled chicken breast and sweet potato. Not my go to lunch but I feel like something warm and this will do the trick.

Feeling kind of slow this afternoon, hoping that a session on the ARC trainer will revitalize me and get my energy levels back up. In the end, I managed to do a full session but it did nothing for me with regard to getting my motivation level back up. I suppose it is just a bad day and conclude that one should expect to have these kind of days every so often.

I have cancelled my afternoon weight lifting session, I don’t see the point of pushing myself any further today and doing the class with Pedro is the last thing on my mind.

Resting at the pool, taking things in and reading a book while enjoying the sun. Some casual swimming to cool off, the thoughts of doing some laps is reasonable but I don’t muster the energy to do any but only return to my lounge chair to spend the rest of the day hanging out until the sun sets which is remarkable.

Dinner was rather boring, I suppose that is only because my mood is so negative right now. I don’t want to feel this way but perhaps the best thing I can do it just go back to the villa and watch some television or have an early evening and reboot for a healthy tomorrow.