Day 66 – 292 Pounds

Cardio – 60

Unbelievable, the scale is still reading 292!

Sunday is here and I am up early with the clock reading 6:00 AM which is way to early for a Sunday.

I am scheduled to take a stress test today, I want to see my overall improvement over my check in results two months ago. To no surprise the test results are fantastic and the Doctor is impressed with my progress.

I am headed to the gym to do a session of Sunday cardio, just feel like getting my energy levels jacked up. I commence an interval session on the ARC trainer no one is around in the gym this morning, all the new arrivals are having medical tests so it is just me and the ARC.

Feeling lonely and not wanting to hang around I decided to lower the top and head to Boca to do some shopping and perhaps make a stop at Bens Kosher Deli which is a bad thought to have but lets see what happens once I get up to Boca.

The mall was fun, Neimen Marcus treated me well with my own personal shopping assistant. Marlin was all over my needs, he was showing me clothing and matching pieces together non stop for the better part of two hours. I can’t believe all the selections he put together so quickly and what I found out from Marlin, is that what you see on the rack is no real indication of what they have in the back.

Indeed the drive home is in front of me with a direct pass out front of Bens. I did stop and yes I was a bad boy with my selections. I managed to order a brisket on rye with those extra crispy french fries. I ate with my eyes and filled myself with poor choices and saluted my progress with a diet Dr. Pepper. The really bad choice came on my exit, as I was paying the cashier beside the deli counter, I managed to include a small bag of rogeullah for the drive home and yes the freeway was a joy as I ate every last one of them and concluded on my arrival that I felt sick to my stomach.

Back at Pritikin feeling lethargic and absolutely gross from my late lunch, I sit here at the pool for the last half hour of sun not feeling motivated to do anything further other than just lay here and digest that poison I ate.

Dinner time and my thoughts are not on going to the dining room for Sunday dinner but perhaps back to Anthony’s for a salad and call it a night.

Tomorrow is going to be a day of cleansing and the start of another brilliant week.