Day 65 – 292 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Run – 30 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes

Another morning weigh in at 292.

The only good thing about my scale reading is it has not gone up. The difficult part to comprehend is that with all my exercise and good eating it should be dropping, whereas if I were to not to be exercising and eating poorly it would surely be going up.

With that thought it my head, I am off the breakfast for my regular intake of oatmeal and sliced berries. Sitting here enjoying my breakfast and with each spoon full my mind keeps thinking about the scale.

Cardio, 60 more minutes is completed on the ARC Trainer and without question another great interval work out. Since my daily routine does not vary that much with regard to exercise I am going to sit down with Scott and discuss my options for changing things up. Perhaps a change in my routine will provide me with better results and a new outlook on my entire program.

For lunch today I am going with the Vegetable Fried Rice and Shepard Pie which seems to be a hit in the buffet line up. I managed to fill my plate and return to the table but could not bring myself to eat it. I just couldn’t do it so I returned to the salad bar and loaded a bowl of mixed vegetable and salad and asked Doerth to prepare me a grilled chicken breast.

Afternoon cardio today started off as usual on the ARC Trainer, but after a few minutes on the machine I decided to get off and go for run. With all the golf courses on the property, I figured a jog along the cart path through 18 holes would be a great choice. I managed to make my way through about three holes when the course marshal pulled up beside me in his cart and asked me what I was doing. Being civil, I explained that I was guest of the resort and was taking a run along the course for my afternoon exercise. He was not impressed with my reply and advised me that such activity was not permitted on the property. He then provided me a lift to the nearest street and suggested I jog along the property boundary back to Pritikin.

Upon my return to the gym, Pedro was anxiously awaiting my arrival and introduced me to the weight rack which he set up for our session. Chest day it is and I managed to make my way through the session with ease and felt ready for more but the time had passed and I was off to the aqua class.

A couple of hours before dinner, hanging out in the lobby of the Spa building and thinking about my day but more so about my wife’s departure tomorrow morning. It is going to be difficult and I am dreading that drive to the airport.

Dinner this evening is served, Pan Roasted Scallops which turned out to be fantastic. I am certain that with todays very clean eating that tomorrow will bring me good news on the scale.

Until then, fingers are crossed!