Day 64 – 292 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Core – 60 Minutes

Another day and the scale is reading the same as yesterday!

Frustrated with my scale reading, I should be happy in reality it reads 54 pounds less than when I arrived however it has remained idle for the past few days even though I have been exercising and eating very clean.

I am thinking that perhaps I need to go out and have a bad meal to shock my system and that will change things. I am of course not going to do that but right now I am thinking that breakfast is being served and I need to fuel up for yet another healthy day.

Oatmeal and more oatmeal smothered with sliced berries and cinnamon all in the name of perfect satiety. This meal fills me up and carries me for hours and I can’t imagine why anyone would choose something differently, it is just perfect.

The gym awaits me and my morning cardio commences with a few morning stretches on the gym matting which I find overly comfortable. So comfortable in fact, I don’t really want to get up but would rather just continue to roll around on the floor for an hour.

Enough rolling around, time to get up and get on the Arc trainer for a sixty minute session. Yesterday I kept my heart rate steady at 135 BPM, this morning I am going to do what I call hill climbing. I start off with a brisk pace to get my heart rate up and then increase the resistance to its maximum until I reach my maximum heart rate. It takes me about ten minutes to work up to it before bringing it back down. I do this same procedure over and over for the duration of my session.

It was an epic workout, I burned off 1123 calories in sixty minutes which sets a new record. I am done and in need of a complete new set of clothing as I am drenched. With a new set of shorts and a brand new shirt, I decide to head over to Starbucks for a morning coffee and take a moment to regain reality from my Pritikin bubble.

Lunch today is well deserved, I am feeling hungry and it is time to fuel up. Pizza today, Doreth has once again given my shells the extra time in the oven and delivers crispy pizza to me for immediate consumption.

Here I go again, back to the gym for another session of cardio. It appears that I am the only one in the gym this afternoon, where is everybody. I am hoping that Camille forgot about our scheduled core class, I really don’t feel like doing it. Perhaps I should just cancel, the thought is in my mind but doing that won’t accomplish anything and I need to strengthen my core more than she needs to instruct me.

With out doubt, the core exercise’s are intense. Sit ups suck, nothing about them is good other than finishing the sets. Every single exercise that I am given hurts, my constant complaining must be driving her crazy. How many more days until this doesn’t hurt, I ask as I snap a selfie of the two of us.

I am finished for the day, my wife and I are off to Boca for the balance of the day and perhaps evening. Lets hope that this abdominal burn ceases, I am not liking it and doing my best to laugh off the soreness.

Tomorrow is just another healthy day!