Day 63 – 292 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Swim – 25 Lengths
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes

Stuck at 292 but still feeling pretty good.

Another warm morning here in Miami, I love walking outside first thing via the air-conditioned hallway and feeling that warm humid air rush onto my body when the doors open to outside.

Breakfast remains unchanged this morning, oatmeal and fresh berries with a couple of bananas in my back pack for mid morning snack. I am set to go and make my way to the gym for cardio when I get side tracked to the parking lot and see a Lamborghini parked next to my car.

Very nice car I hear a voice shouting out to me, it is Pedro who is just arriving to work. I tell him the car belongs to me and that he is welcome to take it home for the weekend. He is so excited as he falls into the fib being played out on him. I keep the story going, he is salivating with thoughts of taking the car home for the weekend and I leave it at that.

Cardio session today is what I call relaxed, I am keeping my heart rate at 135 BPM for the entire session, that is my suggested heart rate for burning fat. It is tough to maintain myself at this speed with the lack of resistance, after a short while I get the swing of things and work it  to my advantage. In the end not the greatest of workouts but indeed interesting and I am anxious to see how I feel later on in the day with hardly breaking a sweat.

Time for swimming, the lengths in the pool today are fantastic. The pool was just cleaned and no one is around. Twenty five lengths of front crawl and my arms are burning as I reach for the pull up bar in the gym to stretch out my arms and shoulders.

Mid day blues, not much going on as we wait for lunch and with that being said we are in the car off to Merrick Park to walk around and see the shops. Back into shopping mode, I am in need of more evening attire and find myself at Nordstrom’s once again fitting myself with the latest new arrivals from the rack.

On the way back to Pritikin, I was very tempted to stop for lunch but maintained my discipline and drove straight back as to not deviate from my program of absolute clean eating. Today’s lunch is a large salad bowl with chopped vegetables and the famous Pritikin selection of salad dressings. Filled to satiety, I am ready for my next activity and my afternoon begins.

Cardio session this afternoon is full-out, trying to make up from this mornings less than adequate calorie burn. Striding along at level 15 with my heart rate averaging 155 BPM the sweat is starting to flow as I reach mid session. This feels way better, it gives me a sense of accomplishment and my quads are feeling the workload as I finish up the hour and move onto weight lifting with Pedro.

Pedro is still rather excited about the car, I figure it is time to tell him that I have no idea who the car belongs to and let him down hard. In return he decides to work me twice as hard and we start off with the bench press at 135 pounds for 25 reps in rapid succession. No problem, the burn is immense and the energy built up within me is ready for more of which he gladly provides for the next hour.

Aqua Class, I am ready to cool off in the pool but for some reason the indoor pool is running at a temperature of 96 degrees which renders it near impossible to workout in. The effort was more than satisfactory but the class was less than perfect as the water was just to hot. Not sure who is looking after the thermostat in the pool but they need to get things adjusted or change the sign from “Indoor Pool” to “Hot Tub”.

Sitting back and relaxing this afternoon, reviewing my daily progress sheets and measurements trying to piece together my overall progress over the past 63 days. I am seeing  some remarkable exercise data logs which are evidenced in my reduced measurements over the period.

Dinner at 6:00 PM, first up to the dining room and ready to be nourished. Special order for the evening is grilled salmon, sweet potato and broccoli along with a bowl of soup. Sitting back and enjoying myself, starting to think that I have only a couple more days with my wife before she returns home.

Hoping tomorrow brings some good news on the scale, it has been another remarkable day.