Day 62 – 292 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

No change in the scale this morning, frustration is not an option so without further delay I am off to have breakfast and get the day started.

I have reverted back to my regular breakfast, a large bowl of oatmeal sprinkled with cinnamon and fresh fruit along with two bottles of very cold water, The Wall Street Journal sits in front of me however I prefer to just fuel up and head to the gym and get my morning cardio underway.

Another great morning in the gym, levels of motivation are high and the morning class is churning with rhythm with the music blaring under the direction of Stan. I have my headphones in however listening to my music is difficult over the gym speakers. The Arc trainer is set to interval and I am striding through each segment with ease as my heart rate monitor tallies the calories I am burning. I am managing to burn just over 1000 calories per sixty minute session and each day I strive to beat my prior record.

Aqua class at the outdoor pool this morning is interrupted with a brief lighting storm but resumes shortly there after as the sky opens up and the sun shines down. The class has lost its momentum with the interruption but we continue on and make the best of last few minutes.

I am spending the balance of the morning getting things in my room organized, I have so many pieces of clothing that are way to big on me and I am preparing another bag for storage. I have an abundance of Pritikin shirts from the gym sized 4XL all the way through 2XL. The stack is so high it falls over and with that being said I am filling a garbage bag up to take back to the gym for Scott to either recycle or donate.

My weight lifting session today with Pedro is massive, we are working my back muscles and I am lifting a barbell loaded with plates on one side while bending over. It feels like I am digging a hole in the ground with each lift, my muscles are engorged from the effort required to lift the stack. A good session today, surely the soreness is going to set in shortly. I have started a journal to record each set so we can calculate the gross weight lifted in each session.

I have learned that gaining muscle and losing fat is essential. When you increase lean muscle tissue, you improve your metabolic rate during physical activity. This is perhaps why my weight loss has been so rapid, I am physically active multiple times a day in conjunction to continually gaining muscle from the weight lifting sessions which is chewing away at my excess fat.

Grilled bison steaks for dinner this evening, one of my favourites of the week. Looking forward to sitting down and enjoying another healthy meal before heading off for an evening of walking around on Lincoln Road in South Beach with my wife.