Day 61 – 292 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Core – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes

It is always a good start to the morning when the scale indicates a further loss.

I am thrilled with the fact that I am loosing pound after pound, I have lost 54 pounds in 61 days and in just that one moment of realization, I am living my dream!

Breakfast this morning brings me to the decision to change things up. Rather than oatmeal and berries, I am having James prepare an egg white omelette mixed with fresh tomato slices and mushrooms. Adding a side of pineapple and watermelon gives my plate some good appeal. I am finding that fueling up prior to my cardio and then snacking on a banana between sessions is keeping me satisfied, feeling clean and not wanting to think about eating anything until it’s time.

The Arc trainer awaits me but I am having my vitals taken to see where things stand with my blood pressure. Another great motivator is hearing that what use to be high blood pressure is now recorded at 110 / 74 with a resting heart rate of 68.

I walk over to the Arc trainer in preparation for my cardio, I see myself in the mirror and I look different, a second look is in order. This is the first time that I have really noticed a big change. It has been Sixty One days, just two months and look what I have done.

With that in mind my morning cardio gets me pumped up and energized just in time for my Core instruction with Camille.

Core work, let me say it again core work. This is all new to me and my core hurts when it  engages with these movements. Camille has me in a push up position, feet suspended and I feel like Gumby. My mid section is burning and with each movement I complain and whine to her about how much it hurts. I now have full respect for those people you see in the gym doing these exercises with ease.

Lunch today is brief, I need to drive over to Dolphin Mall and pick up a pair of Nike Airmax runners that just arrived. I am hoping to be back quick enough to get  my afternoon session of cardio done.

I am getting a reputation around here for being a shoe guy. Little do they know that my shoe fetish is changing over to Activewear now that I can find my size in any store.

Strapped into my new runners and ready to go, I opt out of doing the Arc trainer and make my way to the tread mill. It’s time to give it another try, I will start out with walking and increasing the elevation until I feel the need to start running and work my way back and forth in fifteen minute segments over the hour. It works well, the first segment is walking and increasing the machine to its maximum elevation followed by back to grade and increasing the speed. I managed to jog not run at a speed of 4.8 MPH for the second segment. I finished the last half with a constant brisk walk of 3.8 MPH as the shock of running started some minor aching in my right knee.

To further my day of which has been fantastic all around, I am ready for dip in the pool and partake in the afternoon aqua class. I was able to burn another 624 calories within the forty-five minutes and reached a maximum heart rate of 172 which is above my upper limit.

Dinner is being served and tonight we have what appears to be a guest singing opera which is providing a great ambience for dinner. Not sure what it is all about, it appears that one of the guests has completed a solo and than just sat down for dinner.

Salmon, sweet potato with broccoli along with Aldo’s famous yogurt dill sauce completes my evening with perfection.

What a great day!