Day 60 – 295 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes
Cardio – 30 Minutes
Weights – 45 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes

Monday morning is here and we are ready to take it on.

First stop is the scale, I am still at 295 pounds which is hard to comprehend. Scott was right when telling me not to weigh myself every day but rather weekly as getting a number in your head can really mess with you.

Measurements are in order before breakfast, here they are:

Right Calf Right Thigh Glute Waist Chest Right Forearm Right Bicep Weight
Start 17.50 24.50 57.50 60.00 57.50 14.00 17.00 346.00
Week # 8 16.00 22.50 50.50 51.75 52.50 12.00 16.00 295.00
Total Loss -1.50 -2.00 -7.00 -8.25 -5.00 -2.00 -1.00 -51.00

Happy with my weekly results, my mid section is shrinking and I can feel the difference with the simple things I do each day such as bending over to tie my shoes or just sitting up. My Biceps are getting bigger, this is great news and I look forward to seeing them bulge while all my other parts shrink.

Breakfast is served, another round of oatmeal and sliced berries while enjoying the morning-glory of James cater to my wife with five-star service. His smile and laughter is the best morning motivation you could ask for.

My cardio starts up with the ARC trainer, my wife has her first session with Scott and things are underway. We have made plans to meet up at the pool for the morning aqua class once our morning training is completed.

Aqua class is full, the participants are ready to make waves and I take the opportunity to show off my skills by way of driving deep into the warm up laps around the pool in record time. Arms, core, legs are all getting worked in the pool and 45 minutes later we are completed the class and ready to move on.

I am attending a lecture this morning and take my seat in the auditorium in preparation of hearing Planning your Eating Strategy. I am well aware of the fact that I need to attend all of the lectures and that to date I have not had a good attendance record but I am here now with pen and paper ready to listen and learn. 

Lunch time could not have arrived soon enough, I am not one to sit in class and the lecture albeit very good and informative just didn’t grab my full attention as my mind continued to drift with thoughts of the day ahead.

Starting lunch today with a bowl of vegetable soup and salad bowl. Without taking a single taste I have changed my mind, I want something different. I just attended the lecture and now I am practicing my in depth knowledge with a new Eating Strategy.

I asked James if he could prepare me a quesadilla, his jaw drops open and he laughs at me. I am serious, can it be prepared with grilled chicken, low-fat cheese and vegetables on a whole grain shell. I am planning my strategy as I have just been to the lecture and this is my new plan for lunch today.

I watch the newcomers try to absorb what they have in front of them for lunch as I wait to see what James comes back with from the kitchen for me. As he returns from the kitchen, James is trying to keep the dish hidden as surely this special order is going to attract some attention. As he sets the plate down, I advise him that this is exactly what I wanted and just how perfect it looks. Without question this lunch had many eyes glaring and likely will cause many questions from all.

With lunch concluded it is time to hit the gym and get my afternoon cardio session completed followed by a weight session with Pedro and afternoon aqua class with Ivan. A full afternoon of exercise, surely I will get the scale to move in the days ahead.

The afternoon is over, the day went fast and I have concluded that it was a great day of both exercise and clean food choices.

I can’t believe the sun is setting and its time to eat again. We prepare for dinner and join the community table which I find much more relaxing doing so with my wife rather than being by myself.

The night comes to an early end as we once again prepare for another healthy day tomorrow.