Day 59 – 295 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Swim – 25 Lengths

Sunday has arrived again but on this Sunday I am in the company of my wife.

We are ready for breakfast, my morning is geared up for some cardio and my wife is off to complete her check in for the program and assessment along with further orientation.

Breakfast is as usual for me, oatmeal and berries and my wife just experienced her first Pritikin sodium free breakfast. It is rather interesting to see everyone’s reaction at the first day meal as they experience clean eating and detox from the world of processed foods.

Cardio on the ARC trainer to start off, doing my best to work off yesterdays late night meal and pushing myself hard. It is amazing how much more perspiration there is after a poor meal choice, perhaps the sodium retained the days worth of water and now it is pouring out of me and I am glad to have that feeling of redemption.

With my wife still at morning appointments, I have taken the liberty of heading out to the pool for some swimming. It has been what feels like weeks since I have practiced my swim stroke and without question the days away from the pool have made it more difficult to get the glide in my stroke. I managed to get things back on track and had a decent workout in the pool completing 25 lengths of front crawl.

With time still on the clock before lunch and being solo, I am take taking full advantage of the brilliant blue sky and set up a lounge chair at the pool to dry off and enjoy my late morning Sunday relaxation.

Lunch time and I am anxiously awaiting my wife who is about to experience her first Pritikin meal. I am preparing to laugh as my thoughts are of my first meal and the video I took of myself eating it. Unfortunately salad does not bring the same gag reflex that I had and no laughter is in order.

The afternoon is upon us, new arrivals are not allowed into the gym until after Doctor clearance so we are off to do some shopping while making the best of our Sunday afternoon at leisure.

Dinner and movie are planned before returning and getting prepared for tomorrow which marks my 60th day here. Looking forward to body measurements and some movement on the scale which has been holding steady.