Day 58 – 295 Pounds

Waking up this morning was difficult, the 1:30 AM airport pick up has made this morning unbelievably difficult and without saying I have slept through breakfast and my morning cardio session but hey, its Saturday!

Last night I stopped at Wendy’s drive thru on my way to the airport and can’t come up with any good reason why this happened. It was not only a bad choice, it was completely ridiculous as I wasn’t even hungry. In fact, I actually planned the stop while waiting to leave for the airport and that is what really bothers me. This is a classic case of an addiction to food that obviously still remains with me and must be broken.

I am concerned that I may further deviate from my schedule while my wife is here. I have this feeling that I am on a holiday all of a sudden. I must learn how to control myself and act responsibly with regard to my schedule and food choices. It is going to be difficult, I need to practice my discipline as this will be good training for me before I return home.

With those thoughts running through my mind and to make matters worse, I find myself in line at Starbucks for breakfast. I forced myself to get things together and ordered clean, plain oatmeal and a banana. I admit it, it was not what I wanted but I need to cleanse myself from last nights meal and get my head back into the game with no further deviations.

As we head towards South Beach my thoughts are still on the poor choice I made last night at Wendy’s, it makes no sense and it is very frustrating. I am feeling guilty but more importantly I have realized that my thinking about it proves to me that I am aware and that is a positive step forward.

We strolled along South Beach and the Boardwalk before heading towards The Bal Harbor Shoppes in North Beach. I love it here, the shopping and atmosphere is remarkable. A big present for my wife from Chanel is in order as we continue on towards Ft. Lauderdale.

Lunch hour in the big city, so many choices and decisions to be made. I want to keep it clean, I need to find something with satiety that is low-calorie. Where do we go, I am lost and am trying to keep things together as my hunger starts to show. The decision is made, the restaurant is busy and I am ordering salad with grilled salmon but wanting to eat with my eyes as the trays of piled up food keep going past our table. Discipline is required, it was not easy but I managed to keep things in control. Once all was said and done, lunch was done and it was more than adequate. I proved to myself again, simply choosing properly is the greatest way to success, I was satisfied and felt great.

The balance of our day was spent touring through Ft. Lauderdale and Palm Beach until we met our nephew Jordan for dinner in Ft. Lauderdale. I again kept the meal very clean by ordering a cold seafood platter and large salad.

It was an epic day albeit I did not exercise, very tiered and ready for a well deserved sleep.

Tomorrow is going to be another healthy day!