Day 57 – 295 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes
Weights – 45 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes

Tons of exercise schedule today, my stamina is building up and I am feeling strong not to mention I just weighed in at 295 which gives me another loss of one pound.

This is my job, repetition with results just like a business being successful. Every day is the same, I am finding myself making less poor choices and my attitude towards daily exercise is growing every day.

My wife arrives tomorrow, I am excited and can’t wait for her arrival. It has been 57 days since we last saw each other not to mention that I was 51 pounds heavier.

Breakfast is served, oatmeal and fresh berries with a quick read of the Wall Street Journal. I have been away two months and reading the news brings reality back into play. I have been so disconnected from the real world being here but I am well aware of the fact that nothing goes on forever including my disconnect from reality.

My confidence is growing daily as I shed the burden of all this extra weight. I see myself coming out of my shell and feel good about myself. In fact, I don’t think I have ever felt this good.

Lunch time yet again, not feeling hungry at all which is the greatest feeling however lunch is required and with that being said I find myself at the table with a plate of brussel sprouts and mixed vegetables and two bowls of soup. How is it possible, that I have been doing so much exercise and eating what I believe to be so little and yet I am not hungry.

With just that one thought, I can only conclude that the Pritikin Diet is by far the best thing going. In simple words “if you’re not hungry, than you’re not eating” that is the answer to losing weight. If I go back and think of all the diets I have tried in the past along with all the information provided by those Nutritionist’s at home, nothing ever worked. The simple fact is I was always hungry, thus I was always eating. Here at Pritikin I am never hungry which means I am not always eating.

Afternoon cardio is not on the books today, I need to get back to the sports store and resolve the Garmin watch issue as I want to start recording my results. In the end the watch was easy to use, the instruction they gave me was straight forward, I had them set it up for me and now I only need to push one button to start the program and one button to end it.

I need to start training my core as it seems to be the only part of me not getting any serious attention. My legs are strong, my calves are chiseled and my quads are developing nicely along with my forearms and biceps. Where is that six-pack which has been hiding under all that padding for so many years. I want to start working on my mid section and start the conversation with Camille who is prepared to take me on a few times a week.

My wife arrives late this evening, it is going to be difficult to stay up as her flight arrives at 1:15 AM but I am excited. What will I do with myself waiting for so many hours to pass before heading to the airport.

Tomorrow is going to be a late start!