Day 56 – 296 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes

296 pounds this morning and it appears I am back to a loss of one pound per day.

Another great day ahead of me with the weigh in motivating me further and my schedule is for an active day to say the least.

Breakfast once again is oatmeal and sliced berries with bananas and some very icy cold bottled water courtesy of James who has frozen them rock solid leaving no liquid at all.

ARC trainer awaits me and today I can feel the power within my legs. The ARC trainer is remarkable and I need to buy one for my home gym. The machine never deviates from its mission, it just remains idle sitting there waiting for me every morning. I commence with my warm up before moving onto some interval training which brings heart rate to the top all while churning out calories one after the other.

I need coffee and Starbucks is on my radar. The top is down and I am making the short drive in my wet workout clothes thinking about having a toasted bagel with cream cheese. It has been a while since I have been to Starbucks and I miss sitting on the patio enjoying the morning sun and my second breakfast.

Back to Pritikins and ready for something but nor sure what so I make my way over to the Spa and book myself in for a hair cut, pedicure and manicure. Spent the better part of two hours in the chair just in time to leave and see that lunch is being served.

Not all that hungry with my two breakfasts today, I still find myself sitting down for lunch as I know this afternoon is loaded with exercise and further development of my sleek new body shape. If I don’t get fuel now, it will impact my performance and the end result will be a cranky me so with that being said lunch it is.

More cardio this afternoon on the ARC trainer before having an epic weight lifting session with Pedro. Pedro is cracking jokes in his deep latin accent, not sure what he is saying but laugh along as we continue to pump our arms and back with massive weights. Pedro loves putting on a show and loading the barbell, not as much form instruction as Scott provides but a complete different workout.

Aqua class this afternoon with Ivan will be my final activity of the day as my arms are heavy and I am feeling mighty tiered. The pool is a perfect place to refreshen my spirits and get my splash on with Ivan drilling out commands one after the other. I completed the class and I am sure my arms are dragging on the ground.

Back in the villa, laundry is spinning and I am waiting for the cycle to complete before heading up for dinner. By the time the machine finishes it just after 6:30 PM and with missing the start of dinner I take the opportunity to return to Anthony’s for another salad bowl.

I am loving the salad here at Anthony’s, the service is awesome and just being out in a different environment is refreshing. I am keeping it clean here and enjoying myself which is difficult when dining by yourself in a restaurant full of people.

Looking forward to tomorrow!