Day 55 – 297 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes

The morning sunrise is remarkable, the sky is brilliant blue and not a single cloud in the sky in any direction.

Starting the day off with some premium fuel, oatmeal and sliced berries along with two bananas before making my way to the gym for morning cardio and weigh in.

It has been some time since I followed along with the morning A-1 cardio class. I have been doing my own thing in the gym for weeks albeit at the same time as the class. My morning sessions in the gym are something I now look forward to each evening before I go to sleep. This is completely new to me as I would have never imagined that I would have developed a habit of this nature.

The ARC trainer is my go to machine, I have been using it multiple times daily and love it. I however would like to start running on the treadmill and eventually outside but my concern is that if I injure my knee or further disturb the sciatic with pounding of the joints that running delivers, I could jeopardize my ability to continue my workouts and that would be a complete disaster.

Morning cardio is now completed and I am off to visit a specialty running store in search of a new heart rate monitor and perhaps a new tool that will gauge all of my activity in one watch. I have found a Garmin watch that does everything you could ever want in the way of recording data. The problem is the watch requires an Engineer to run it. Why did it seem so easy at the store when they showed it to me, now that I am sitting here at the pool trying to set it up it appears that I have no idea what to do. A trip back to the store is in order to get things figured out or perhaps trade it in for a simpler watch.

Lunch today is the same as everyday with regard to fueling up. I am keeping true to myself and take a large salad bowl with mixed vegetables along with vegetable soup. Lots of people around today, the tables are full and the room is loud with conversation but I am focused on getting fuelled up and driving back to the sports store in record time as I have cardio and weight lifting to be done.

The gentleman who sold me the watch is out for lunch and no one else in the store can help me, a wasted trip overall but I found a XL Nike shirt that fit me. I can’t believe it, I came to Miami a 4XL and now I am buying XL shirts in the stores.

Weight lifting today with a new achievement, I am doing dips and pull-ups while being in absolute awe that I can actually do these without assistance. I recall the weeks prior where Scott had to rig the machine with counter weights and bands to offset my weight to enable me to do this exercise. A great inspiration in doing just one, I feel completely different about my ability and am charged up with my progress.

The afternoon is really nice, the sun is still shining and the pool is refreshing. I have not done any swim lengths over the past while with the incorporation of the aqua class into my schedule and I miss swimming. I try to do a few laps and found my stroke was off, it is if I have forgotten how to swim or perhaps I am just not as buoyant.

Early dinner, for some reason I have arrived upstairs and it is only 5:30 PM. I usually arrive at 6:00 PM but being early I am the only one here and find myself sitting alone. Rather than continue to wait, I get up and walk over to my car and drive over to Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. I had heard about this place from Bill a few a weeks ago and felt like getting out to try it.

I did not order any pizza, my intent is to stay clean but just be out. I order a family salad with flaked tuna and it was amazing. The lettuce was crisp, wedges of egg (not suppose to have the yolks) red onion, tomato, chic peas and the best vinaigrette dressing you can imagine. The pizza is smelling awesome but I am not here for the pizza and remained strong having only the salad.

Again I have proven to myself that just ordering a salad is more than ample and leaving the restaurant not feeling stuffed is the best feeling you can have.

Not wanting to go back to Pritikin just yet, I find myself driving to the Dolphin Mall for a quick walk around and perhaps a visit to the Sports Authority and Nike now that I have discovered XL is my size.

Indeed more shopping bags in hand with a few pair of new release Air Max runners, my closets are full and the line up of runners on the floor is growing ever longer. I now have complete workout outfits matching from head to toe.

Looking forward to tomorrow morning and another healthy day!