Day 53 – 298 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Aqua – 45 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

I made it, wow best describes my first thought at the first glance of the scale reading 298.

I did it at last, words don’t describe how I feel, the achievement albeit nowhere near the required end result is epic to say the least. I broke that 300 pound barrier which I never thought would be possible and it goes to show you that it can be done.

Breakfast is celebrated with the usual, oatmeal and berries. I have not told anyone other than Scotty of the achievement and don’t think I will gloat on it just yet. Cardio yet again follows my breakfast on the ARC trainer and I am celebrating each stride inside my head with visions of the next milestone of which I have set at 275 pounds.

I am working out hard, I am building myself into a machine and I can see myself at the finish line as my body performs to its maximum with each stride. I am day dreaming and before I reach the end of my thought the timer reaches 60 minutes and this session has come to an end.

I am sitting in the gym thinking to myself about this journey so far. I am getting fit which is something that I never thought was possible and in reality it has only been 53 days and many of those days came with poor choices food wise and some days of no exercise.

When I tried to lose weight before, time moved so slowly and each day was such a challenge. I just never gave it a chance, I was never committed and I always gave up. Days pass quickly and we can’t stop that, the commitment to yourself is the only thing you need to reach success.

I love the sun more than ever and being outside in the pool working my body doesn’t get better. Today’s aqua class is busy, the turnout fills the pool and we are churning the water in resemblance to a synchronized performance.

Lunch today, my favourite of the week. Pizza shells with roasted vegetables and sprinkles of what I believe is lo-fat cheese. Doreth always takes my lunch back into the kitchen and bakes it in the oven for a few more minutes giving the shell some crispness. For some reason the crunch of the shell gives it more of an appeal to me and it is really the only crunch I get here other than from vegetables.

I am again pondering my time here to date and realize that I have not been attending the lectures as I should. I am certain that if I don’t start attending I will likely not see any of them and that doesn’t sit well as each comes with loads of valuable information. I will make a mental note to see at least one lecture each week on the go forward.

Another epic weight session with Scotty this afternoon. I am strong, I can feel it deep inside with each lift. The movements seem to be very controlled with an abundance of strength with each extension. I am on my way, getting that body shape that I have always wanted and I must remain focused and not allow myself to get distracted.

Up and downs are going to be reality but I need to just keep it simple and stay true to myself through the good and bad.

Dinner tonight found me eating very clean, abnormally clean with nothing but a large plate of sliced fruit. In celebration of my achievement which I can no longer keep secret, I have found myself at the at Doral Raw bar with a bottle of Opus One in celebration with the boys whom are cheering me on.

As the night comes to an end I am so happy, I just can’t believe it. To further my excitement a phone call from my wife who has confirmed travel plans to Miami next week.

Great day, you are the man!