Day 52 – 300 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes
Spin – 30 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes

It is 6:30 AM and I am up and ready to see what the scale has for me today.

The scale in the gym is reading 300 pounds, I have reached my first milestone. I am going to break that 300 pound barrier tomorrow or some time today, I am very excited and cant wait to see that number appear on the scale.

Breakfast is served, oatmeal and fresh berries are in order and I am enjoying my time at the table trying to keep my achievement to myself.

Off to the gym for my first round of cardio, I want to get back on the scale again, I am so anxious to see it read 299 but I am holding out and start working hard on the ARC trainer.

I have only one thing on my mind today, that is to see a 299 reading but aqua class is about to start and I am not missing the opportunity to keep my momentum going. The class is at the outdoor pool, I don’t get the same impact from the class as I do indoors but I push myself hard and am moving briskly in the pool. Upper body work including my arms which are pushing the weights down into the water and bringing them back up in record time. We are doing interval sets of three minutes and I am trying to break the number of times I can plunge my arms down and back up with every set.

Drying off on the pool deck, thinking about my achievement to date as I wait for lunch. I want to fuel up with premium fuel for this afternoons exercise, I need to perform at my maximum today to get the most of it for the biggest impact on tomorrows weigh in.

Lunch time is here and I am sticking with chopped salad and fruits. I have a big bowl loaded with vegetables and a large plate of sliced fruit. I am sitting at the community table and eating slowly enjoying every bite all while not saying a thing about todays great news.

Back in the gym this afternoon and ready to start my workouts all while looking at the scale on the other side of the room. I keep looking at it but holding I am holding myself back until tomorrow.

I have told Scott about my achievement, he seems to be proud but is more interested in getting me going. I am so pumped up and hyper it is not imaginable, the session is going great as we work are way around the Cybex multi gym. We conclude our session of ten various routines and my arms are burning and I am asking for more.

I hop onto the spin bike, the seat is really uncomfortable but I am loving the leg burn it provides with each rotation. I managed thirty minutes of spinning before I had to get off the bike, no way I could continue to sit on that seat.

Finishing my afternoon off with aqua class at the indoor pool. I am charged and ready to make waves. Ivan starts us off with a fast walk around the pool perimeter before taking us into the upper body workout. I am finding my arms and back are completely wiped out from the weight lifting session but I do my best to keep the pace up. Class ended, not soon enough as I am exhausted and need some time to cool down. It has been a long day of exercise and clean fuel and the result is great but I am hungry and need more fuel.

I walked over to the snack room, they are serving a cold soup and some vegetable sticks with humus, I am not really that interested in either but I need fuel and realize that is all it is. I am starting to feel weak, I have not had enough fuel today for the amount of activity I have completed. In a panic, I eat three bananas and remain sitting down with a bottle of water. In just a matter of three or four minutes I felt completely better.

This proves to me again, that choosing clean fuel is so easy and the end result of the clean fuel   is pure motivation to continue, whereas if I were to have chosen bad fuel I would have crashed and burned all while remaining hungry shortly after eating.

Dinner this evening is served and I am feeling great about everything although feeling sore but in a good way. Soup, Salad and Salmon or as I call it out to Aldo, the three “S’s”.

Another truly epic day!

Big day tomorrow, going to see a number I have not seen in many moons!