Day 51 – 303 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes

Saturday is here yet again and with the weekend upon me it is time for the beach or to stay here and greet the newcomers.

I am up rather early this morning and am having my Saturday morning breakfast before I make my way into the gym for some wake me up morning cardio. I am not having a down day, last weekend I took two days off and ended up being cranky from the lack of exercise.

Saturday morning gym time is rather quiet, not many people are working out this morning, perhaps they are packing up and getting ready for a swift departure. I find myself on the ARC trainer all alone on my side of the gym other than Ivan who is getting things set up for the next week new arrivals.

I am showered and ready to head to the beach, the car is loaded with my daily goods but for some reason I took the Turnpike and drove directly to Boca. The Towne Centre Mall is looking like my first stop to do some shopping, I suppose the choice to head over to Boca rather than the beach was the jet black clouds in the sky.

As lunch hour approaches I am finishing up at the mall and start my journey to South Beach but found myself passing Ben’s Kosher Deli. I made the poor choice of stopping, I should have had a salad bowl at the mall but now I find myself here ordering a Hebrew National Salami on rye bread.

In addition to the poor choice I just made, the sodium in the salami has my mouth dry and my stomach churning. I am aware that I am going to regret the choice and more so that I am still hungry and looking for something else to eat. I just never learn or perhaps I am learning each time I self destruct with these selections.

With my dry mouth and desire for a drink of water I finally arrive to the beach but the rain is coming down and I don’t see any clear sky in any direction. My plans for the beach have been altered do to mother nature so I continue inland towards Pritikin with the intent of working out and burning off the lunch that is still ever so present.

At last, back in the gym and ready for another cardio session, a struggle at best with the taste of the salami still with me but I keep moving myself and get through my second full session today.

Keeping things together this evening, I usually find myself out for Saturday nights but I am forcing myself to stay in tonight and eat clean. Not much of a crowd, dinner is solo and Aldo is keeping me company as we discuss my day and stop over at Ben’s.

I am moving closer to breaking 300 pounds but really wondering about todays last-minute stop at Ben’s and wondering why I do those silly things.