Day 50 – 304 Pounds

Cardio – 45 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes
Aqua  Class – 45 Minutes

Indeed another epic morning, the scale is reading 304 pounds and I am now really close to breaking the magic 300.

I am associating the weight loss this week to the aqua classes that I have been doing in addition to my other activities. It is the only reasonable explanation but never the less I am loving it. Just four more pounds to get under the 300 pound marker for the first time in who knows how long.

Morning cardio and aqua class are completed and I am ready to hit the jungle and have an afternoon away from Pritikin.

This afternoon, Jordan is picking me up and we are heading to Monkey Jungle. We arrive after a short drive and pull into the Monkey Jungle parking lot, neither of us are really sure what we are about to get into but the place is located on a large parcel of land that is completely open and home to families of wild monkeys where they have all taken refuge. There are pathways that are enclosed with wire fencing, you can walk around and view the monkeys and read about each species. Not really that interesting however for an additional fee which we are happy to pay we get a guide to take us out into the farm and mingle with the monkeys up close.

Rather amazing, the guide has a box of treats with him and each time we see a group of monkeys he takes out the treats and they rush over, all of them and start showing off for treats. The guide is very knowledgable and is explaining to us how and why this place is in existence. The monkeys are free to leave with no fences or boundaries, they choose to stay as it is home for them. They feel safe, they are taken care of more or less and those treats are most certainly part and parcel of them staying in my opinion.

It was a great afternoon, but as always all good things must come to an end and my day out is over. Jordan drops me off at the front door and once again it feels like I just got dropped off to summer camp and with sadness I say goodbye.

Dinner time is here again, time to get showered and dressed and head upstairs to tell all about my day of monkey business.

Looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully another great scale reading.