Day 49 – 307 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Weights – 45 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes

Another early day for me in the gym, I have my weekly Doctor’s appointment at 9:00AM so I need to finish up early in order to be on time for my results on blood work.

This morning cardio feels good, I am now working the ARC trainer on its maximum setting and striding through with ease. I am changing the program from manual to interval in an attempt to find a zone that works with my stride.

Time to head upstairs to medical,  a brief wait for my scheduled appointment in reception before I am called into the office for my weekly review. The Doctor advises me that all my blood work panels are within marker range. I am happy with the news, it makes me feel good about all the hard work I have been doing. The Doctor is elated with my progress and wishes me continued success and we both agree that I do not need further blood draws for the next month unless I wish to have them.

I missed the morning aqua class while attending my appointment, but did manage to catch the end of the class from the pool deck. I played referee from the deck in an attempt to control Sandy in the pool. I could tell that the other participants were missing my contribution to the class, just not as many charades in my absence.

Lunch today, only 1.5 hours long at the six top as Sandy calls the table. I managed another   healthy lunch of chopped salads and some soup of which Sandy spiked with Puka hot sauce. Without question, Puka is the hottest sauce I have ever tried, the stuff makes my eyes water. A good laugh by all, watching me explode in pain with the first spoonful of soup.

Back in the gym for my afternoon weight session where we focused on shoulders today. I am moving the dumbbells with ease, they are getting heavier but I am getting stronger and I can really feel that my movements are controlled. I am enjoying the workouts with the weights and am thinking about the end results which are starting to show. The best part of the workout is the burn followed at the end of each set, now I understand what Arnold was referring to in his movie.

Finishing up with weights, I take full advantage of another Game Therapy session on my knee.  I am slightly rushed to make the afternoon aqua class with Ivan at the indoor pool. I grab my water weights and a cycle noodle and jump into the pool where Ivan is drilling the class with his commands. He loves blurting out at the end of each command “puuuuuushhhh” of which, I am pushing through each of the sets like a true champion. My body is feeling the work load from today, my shoulders and arms feel like spaghetti and I am ready for a breather.

Leisure time is in order as my heart rate is still escalated, the day has gone fast and dinner is just around the corner. A few minutes in the sun to dry off before heading down to the villa for a quick shower and preparation for this evenings festivities.

The table this evening is calm, seems like everyone is perhaps out of energy and or just has nothing to say. The night ends early which is a surprise to me, I only had a bowl of soup before leaving the table to make my way over to Dolphin Mall.

I ended up grabbing some sushi for dinner, the soup just wasn’t enough and I felt hungry so I took a seat at the Sushi bar and enjoyed a platter of salmon, tuna and rolls. Shopping for yet more activewear is in order, a quick stop at Nike, Sports Authority and before I know it my arms are full and it is time to return to Pritikin.

Looking forward to tomorrow and another healthy day, I am feeling great and I got some great new stuff.