Day 48 – 307 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes
Aqua Class – 45 Minutes

Awesome are my first words of the day, 307 Pounds and with that three-pound loss from yesterday I am excited. Soon to break the 300 pound barrier and looking forward to that morning weigh in.

As usual breakfast at 8:00 AM followed by my regular cardio session. I am once again flying high on energy and burning it up on the ARC Trainer. Sandy is beside me on the treadmill, I am trying to focus on my workout but his fan is blowing cold air on me yet again. I make a few obvious comments about it, he laughs at me in return.

9:45 AM aqua class is order, how could I miss it with so much fun yesterday and  I am looking forward to making more waves. I am wearing my heart rate monitor in the pool, I want to see the results from workout as I believe the class is helping me shred these unwanted pounds in conjunction with my other daily activity.

I am rocking the pool and take every segment of the class as an opportunity to perform at my maximum output. The waves that I make are annoying to the others but I don’t really care, I am here to work out and am making big waves and looking for serious results. My statistics are really interesting, my maximum heart rate during class was 174 BPM and I burned 654 calories during the 45 minute class.

Lunch was extended today, Sandy factor brings it in at just under two hours. By the time we were finished lunch it was time for the afternoon aqua class. If I recall my day so far, I woke up and had breakfast, I worked out, I did aqua class, I had lunch and now I am going back to aqua class. Seems like just an average day to me and the scale is on the move. I am closing in on breaking the 300 pound marker, so the more activity I do in the day the better for me.

In the pool and shaking things up with Ivan and Sandy. Here we go again, round and round and without a moments notice Ivan yells out for us to turn around and before I know it Sandy is in my lap yet again. The entire class was at laughter as the charades and jokes just keep coming. Not sure if we are going to get kicked out of class, certainly we are a distraction to the others all though everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

I asked Sandy after aqua class if he could come down to my villa and shave my back. I was more or less jut joking but he said sure. It was the funniest thing ever, Sandy with my Braun Shaver in a room with poor light and my poor back at his mercy.

With a freshly shaved back I made my way back to the gym to try out the new Game Ready Therapy  Treatment on my knee. The unit itself is amazing, you fill it with cold water and ice then you wrap a specific sleeve around the area to be treated and lay back while the machine applies pressure and cold water to the injured area. The entire system is a fantastic tool that I will be certainly be using again along with purchasing one for more treatments.

Well what would it be if it were not for a night with Sandy at the Doral Raw Bar. Sandy has invited me and Warren both for dinner and as usual Sandy places his order for Alaska King Crab Legs by the dozen. Another three hours in the bar with tons of chit-chat and laughing, it just doesn’t get any better and once again I am laughed out.

I have a Doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning to review my blood work, I am anxious to see the improvement in my panels and with that being said it is time for a good nights sleep.

Another healthy day!