Day 44 – 311 Pounds

The scale is not moving, it is stuck at 311 pounds and I am starting to get frustrated but I know it will happen with more time.

Today is a download day where I am not supposed to do anything but rest and let my body recover from all the hard work I have been doing. I have found that when I do not exercise in the morning my day feels lethargic and I get cranky but Scott is telling me that my body needs to recover and that a day of rest is required.

Not much to do at the pool other than read, my body is bronzed clearly an indication that I have been in the sun more hours than one need to be. I have read my book and I have been in the sun all morning with some casual swimming and I am tiered of just sitting here.

It is Saturday and I have decided to get in the car and drive up to Boca and see what is happening at the Boca Town Center. The drive is remarkable, the Turnpike is quick with no traffic today and with the top down it just doesn’t get any better.

Walking around the mall, shopping at Lululemon and Neiman Marcus gathering more clothes and just thrilled with being able to purchase garments off the rack. Bought a new watch today, felt it was time!

Lunch at the mall should be a challenge for me, I am feeling the need to fuel up and my choices at the food court range from really bad to bad with some semi good. I find a restaurant that serves large salad bowls, perfect fit and with the long line up it must be good. I order a large salad bowl and fill it with the many choices of vegetables offered. It turns out to be a great choice, I am fully satisfied and feel good about my will power to stay healthy over all those unhealthy choices.

Headed back to Pritikin, the drive is long and traffic is heavy. I took the I95 rather than the Turnpike which was a bad choice. Finally after two hours I have made it back in time to unpack my treasures and organize my closet yet again before dinner.

Saturday night and I don’t feel like going upstairs for dinner. I feel like going out again so I head over to the Dolphin Mall for some sushi and perhaps a movie.  I rushed my dinner to make the early movie but found out when I got to the ticket box that the movie already started so I ended up walking around the mall before going back to Pritikin for the night.

Overall a really slow day that did offer any feeling of accomplishment.