Day 45 – 311 Pounds

No change in the scale today!

Scotty keeps telling me that I should not weigh myself everyday and that I should only do so weekly. I am not listening to him as I want to see the daily result however he does make a good point. Weighing everyday can be very disrupting to the progress when you don’t see the result you are wanting to see. That itself is enough to discourage you but I am staying strong as the results will come with time.

Perhaps today should be another download day, it is after all Sunday and the sky is blue and the sun is strong. Two down days in a row maybe good for the body but taking two days off may me to get cranky. I am willing to try it out, just feeling like another down day is in order.

Today is start day for all the new arrivals and I am starting day forty-five. Thinking about that for a few minutes, day forty-five days sounds like I have been here forever and in reality I am only 25% through my journey.

To get myself moving this morning, I started off with the thought that some swim lengths would get my heart rate up and get my show going. I ended up in the pool which felt great but rather than swimming I started talking with a group of stay overs. All I got done was a lot of standing around in the pool, before long an hour passed and I didn’t get any exercise done.

Once again I am sitting in the sun amongst all the Doral hotel guests who are enjoying the day off, the difference is they are ordering lunch and I am thinking about going in to get my afternoon fuel. Lunch today is a rather healthy one, I am sticking with chopped salad and fruit salad once again, it is both light and filling and I feel the need to keep overly clean as the scale needs to move and with two down days I need to be careful.

Sandy is coming back this afternoon, I am very excited for his arrival and am looking forward to seeing him. It will certainly make for an exciting week both at the table and in the pool. Not sure what time his arrival is scheduled for, it however is keeping me in good spirits as I await his arrival.

I have downloaded the TV series 24, it is an older series however has numerous seasons each with 24 episodes and from what I gather is loaded with action which should keep me riveted to my iPad during afternoon cardio sessions.

Thoughts of afternoon cardio are crossing my mind now that I have season one downloaded, however once again I find myself back at the pool spending the last couple hours of sunshine in my lounge chair. It is too bright to watch an episode and the conversations being had by the group of men beside me about last night are keeping my attention satisfied.

The day has ended and I have concluded that I did nothing for two days. I am certainly feeling lethargic and cranky, which is causing me to not want to do anything.

Dinner is a must, I am not going out and I need to eat regardless of not being hungry. My intake has been minimal today, which is not good and if I don’t fuel up I will certainly run the risk of having a binge attack and making a bad choice.

I make my way upstairs and find the dining room is busy and few tables or chairs remain. To my disbelief Sandy has arrived and is sitting at the eight top where he has saved me a wing back chair beside him. Before I knew it, the night was saved  and I was filled with energy and laughter all courtesy of Sandy. We sit around the table in deep humorous conversation and the hours slip past me my cheeks are sore and it is time to retire for the evening in preparation of another healthy day tomorrow.

A great ending to a very long weekend!