Day 43 – 311 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 60 Minutes
Core – 45 Minutes

Breakfast this morning is humming with people, perhaps everyone is hungry or everyone is skipping the morning gym session.

I am in a rush to get to the gym myself and grab some fruit and make my way over. Wondering why I am in such a rush and conclude the only reason is that the room is full of people and I don’t want to be bothered with sitting down with a group of new people. Perhaps yesterdays lesson has yet to really set in.

My blood pressure this morning is slightly elevated at 129/85 which is the highest it has been in many weeks. Perhaps it is caused by my rush this morning and not being as relaxed as I should be. I will take another reading after cardio and see if things have settled down.

Sixty minutes of interval training and my heart rate is near maximum as I focus on churning each stride with the most power I can generate. I am sweating profusely and require a shirt change midway. My Patella is still taped up and it seems to be working other than the swelling around the knee remains.

Checking in on my vitals after exercise and my blood pressure has normalized and things are back to normal. It was a great session and I am feeling very energized to do something else but take the time to ice my knee and stretch out on the floor.

Todays lecture is on Body Composition and I am going to pass, I still have lots of time to attend all the lectures, I don’t feel like sitting inside and head towards the pool with my new book.

I have set up a chair and am ready to sit back and start reading when out of nowhere the Doral landscape team decides to trim the hedges around the pool. Chain saws and trimmers are buzzing and the smell of oil enriched gasoline is smothering. Other than the guy scaling the palm trees with a chain saw hanging from his waist while still running it is rather annoying and its time to move on.

Lunch today is African Stew, I don’t care how hungry or how low my tanks are but I am not eating that. I had forgotten that it was pizza day and without question, Doreth has already taken two shells out of the buffet and placed them in the oven for me. Nothing like extra crispy pizza shells covered with roasted vegetables and the smallest amount of non fat cheese.

Another day of core this afternoon, I can hardly lift my arms or bend at the waist. My abdomen feels like I am walking around with a knife protruding from me but within moments of doing the new exercises I am no longer feeling the old pain but more so just the new pain. I am wondering how tired trainers get of the clients constant nagging and complaining, they must have ears of steel not to crack with the constant nagging.

Here I am, the day nearly done and yet again I am looking for something else to do. I don’t feel like going to the mall but find myself pacing back and forth and need to do something. I decide to take a side trip up to the outlet mall in Sweetgrass. Of course the mall features a Nike Outlet store and once again I am gathering more activewear.

As I am preparing the leave the mall, I pass a California Pizza Kitchen and the front doors are open welcoming my arrival. I am thinking about it, but keep walking and make my way to the car for the drive back to Protein for dinner.

Driving along the freeway and I am glad my decision was to keep walking, again no reason to wreck this day because my eyes saw some candy. I will eat a healthy dinner and feel good about myself.

Dinner is busy, every table is filled and I find a seat with Warren at a small table. We again discuss the weeks past with Sandy and the weeks going forward, not much else. We both eat our dinners and make are way out to the dining room towards the gym.

The evening staff are ready to close up for the day, the night is over and I am still ready for something, I just don’t know what.