Day 42 – 311 Pounds

Cardio – 45 Minutes
Cardio – 45 Minutes
Core – 60 Minutes

Early morning, woke up at 4:30 AM, not sure why but I was up and ready to go but in reality there was nowhere to go but back to sleep of which I did until 6:30AM.

Looking forward to todays weigh in, feeling good and was rewarded with another two-pound loss this morning. Breakfast is served and without change, oatmeal and mixed berries with a side banana are the call of the day.

Aside from my sciatica still being ever so present, my right knee is starting to act up. It has been some time since my knee was an issue however I must assume the constant work load I am putting on my body is the cause to some of my pains and aches.

Cardio was slow and with each stride I could feel my knee getting worse. I managed only 45 minutes, still respectable but I just didn’t get that full satisfaction feeling as I was restricted from going hard.

Some rest at the pool is in order, the icepack is the call of the day for the swelling in the knee and for the balance of the morning I am practicing therapy.

It is amazing how fast time goes when you’re enjoying the sun and pool deck. I have a scheduled haircut and don’t feel like going but need to get my ears lowered. Sitting for an hour in the salon chair was difficult, I was moving around like a little kid at the barber, certainly making it a challenge for the hair dresser.

Finally done in the chair and ready for some fuel, the burrito and lasagna lunch today looks great however when I think of burrito or lasagna I am thinking it contains ground beef but here we get soy which makes all the difference in the world. Sad to say it is not the tastiest but it certainly is healthier and fills the tank accordingly. Eating a hot lunch such as today’s is abnormal for me, I am more inclined to have such hot meal’s at dinner.

The sun is out, the sky is blue and not a single cloud to be seen, really an awesome day and it feels great being outside again but I need to get back into the gym and workout, sore knee and all it is time to get active.

Second session of cardio today and my knee is not wanting to do it. I see Frank in the gym and ask him about my knee and the swelling, he suggests that we tape my Patella to one side to see if it will help and to my disbelief I was pain-free and able to complete my cardio rather pain-free.

Scotty time and today we are working on core and small muscle groups. He is explaining to me that we must work the smaller muscle groups to strengthen them, each of those groups participate in our movements and strengthening those groups will reduce the simplest of injury. The weights feel very light almost as if we are lifting feathers, that is until you get into the higher repetitions when those feathers feel like pails of rocks. The burn is incredible, those little muscle groups are being shredded and with each set they are clearly identifying themselves to me.

I received a book in the mail today from my wife, The Monk who Sold his Ferrari of which from the first few pages is really good. I have not spent a lot of time reading here and I am looking forward to relaxing poolside while reading.

The afternoon came to an end quickly today, the day is over and the sun is setting. A flawless day weather wise and time for the evening dinner bell.

It sure feels strange to go for dinner and not have Sandy at the table. I made my way to the dining room only to find myself taking a detour the hallway towards my car. It was certainly a poor choice and one that was not required.

I am once again sitting at The Cheese Cake Factory, I feel my heart racing and am feeling overly disappointed with my decision but I am here. I am looking at the menu and finding selections that appeal to my eyes but my mind keeps telling me not to do it. With each page of the menu my frustration continues to grow, how can I not find anything.

This is the first time I have ever left a restaurant after being seated. I can’t eat here, no matter what I look at it the decision is made before I finish reading what it contains. I am headed back to Pritikin for dinner, that is why I am here and going out defeats everything I am working towards.

In total frustration I have arrived back to Pritikin where dinner is still being served. I am flustered with myself and shaking my head in disbelief. I order dinner, soup and salad along with salmon and sweet potato, not what I feel like but after eating I am fully satisfied and just then realize what happened.

I fell victim to my food addiction and its evil calling to eat. Rather then fueling up with healthy choices, I ran to the nearest comfort zone and was willing to fill my tanks with sodium, fat and carbs which would have resulted in short-term pleasure for my eyes and caused me nothing but disappointment and further hunger.

I was smart enough to stop that from happening and resorted to eating healthy and clean and after moments of doing so I was completely satisfied and the thought process of eating was over.

I am proud of myself, I learned something that I will always remember and it is clearly the start of knocking the food addiction back to where it belongs, not with me!