Day 41 – 313 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Swim 25 Lengths
Cardio – 60 Minutes

Cardio this morning is like every other day, it is just natural which is great and I feel good about having that kind of attitude towards it. When you have an attitude of not wanting to exercise your not on the right path and now if I don’t exercise my day just doesn’t feel right.

I have mountains of laundry to do, the machines have been broken for the past week and the take out service they offer is sketchy at best. The hotel laundry gets to be expensive when sending the amount of clothes that I have to be laundered, so I am going to spend some time getting caught up in the laundry department.

Swimming was good today, I still can’t do the butterfly however my front crawl is perfect. The pool is so relaxing, the water is crisp and the sun is strong and I am finding that the workout from swimming is real benefit. My upper body is feeling strong, perhaps the combination of weight lifting and swimming together.

I am starting to sense the difficulty in a long-term stay here, everything is the same day after day, no variety in my routine. I am doing the same thing everyday, going to the same places and need to do something different to keep my interest level high. I know this is true because when I go to the mall they know my name, the staff at Starbucks prepare my order before I get to the door, that is by far a call out to change things up.

Sandy is leaving back home today, I knew this day was coming and it is going to be difficult for a few days until I adjust. He has provided me so much comfort and not having him with me here is going to be a major impact.

I am hopeful that the new people arriving in some way can replace all the fun Sandy and I had, it is going to take a great effort to replace that without question but I must move forward and deal with it as I have no other choice.

My afternoon cardio session was uneventful, more of the same thing and without question it got me pumped up for the afternoon. I was thinking about attending another lecture but opted out to say good-bye to Sandy and once he departed I found myself out and about doing my weekly chores of gathering more supplies. Perhaps this was a clear indication that I have lost something and I am already thinking about what it will be like when I get back from shopping and find he is gone.

Dinner was rather quiet, I joined Warren for dinner and enjoyed the bantering of conversation and reminiscing of the weeks with Sandy. Dinner was short unlike the hours we would spend at the table with Sandy it is time to move on and I am looking for something to do as its only just after 7:00 PM.

Rather than going out to perhaps the theatre I stayed in and folded the laundry which was a task. I am getting rather good at folding and have concluded that matching socks is excruciating.

Early to bed is in order as I need to prepare for another strong day tomorrow and hopefully another loss on the morning weigh in.