Day 40 – 313 Pounds

Cardio – 60 Minutes
Cardio – 45 Minutes
Weights – 60 Minutes

Hmmmm, the scale is stuck at 313 Pounds!

My family is leaving Hawaii today and is en-route back home. I made it through the holidays without being in Hawaii with them, not sure how I did it but next year I will be with them without question.

Breakfast today is changed up from the usual. I am going with egg white omelette and Pritikin approved toast which is cardboard. If you toast it long enough it has crunch but absolutely no taste.

Back in the gym this morning, I am no longer required to have my vitals administered before or during exercise. It has been 40 days since the Doctor removed my blood pressure medicine and I have had very good vital readings since and with that being said the Doctor has cleared me.

I am still interested in seeing what my vitals are, it is almost habit now so with out question I am in line waiting to have them checked. 74 BPM and blood pressure of 114/70.

Cardio this morning is on the treadmill. I want to try running as my thoughts are that when I am at my goal weight taking a run outside will be one of my preferred exercises. I get on the treadmill and start off slow 3.5 MPH for a five minutes of walking before raising the incline and turning up the speed. Not before long I am jogging along at 5.0 MPH on a slight incline before my knee starts to ache. I guess it is just to soon and I return to the ARC trainer.

This mornings lecture on reading labels is amazing. When you fully understand how to read a food label you get to understand just what it contains.

Ten tips of label reading:

Never believe the claims on the front of the box.
Read the nutrition facts label and the ingredient list.
Check the serving size.
Check the amount of servings per package.
Check the calories per serving.
Check the calories from fat.
Check the sodium content.
Check the types of fat.
Check the sugar content.
Make sure that any grain is whole grain.

Lunch time and I am glad I don’t have to read any labels. I took some great notes and was certain to take all the hand outs, this is important. From what I gather all those companies selling us food are hiding what really is in the foods they are selling.

Back in the gym, ready for more cardio but I don’t have any shows to watch on my iPad. I did make a new playlist of all the top songs listed in the Ryan Seacrest billboards and have created a pretty good list. Music is a great workout motivator, I find myself pumping to the beat and before I know it that full hour has passed and it now time for weight lifting.

Scotty has passed me off to Pedro for weight lifting as our daily schedule for him is likely to much to handle with all the other guests and duties he must perform. Pedro is built like a body builder, his chest and arms are enormous and his words of encouragement are priceless.

The two of us start off with a new program and start working all the different areas. I can tell that he is assessing my ability and is careful not to get things going to fast without first finding out what I am capable of. The session is good, not the greatest but I have a feeling that in the next few days things are going to get out of control with him as he can clearly see where my train of thought is on progressing.

The balance of the afternoon is more or less free for me. I don’t have anything planned and the aqua class today is scheduled but no one has shown up. Rather than just doing it alone with Ivan, I decide to just hang out in the gym and chat with the trainers and other guests.

Dinner this evening is again a full house. I am invited to sit with a group of people who have heard that I have been here for some time and have many more months to go. They are all impressed with  my loss to date, and my admiration to stick with the program for so many more months.

Out of nowhere guess who is back? Sandy is back from Miami Beach and is staying for a few more days and I am thrilled to have him back. It is amazing the impact he has had on me and again I am so happy he is here and at the same time thinking about what it will be like when he leaves.

We end up sitting around the table hearing his stories of the past few days while staying in Miami Beach. Laughs and sore cheeks are once again in order and I am looking so forward to tomorrow with him.

Tomorrow is just another healthy day!